The Sentinel (The Chronicles of Pallà Book 2)

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Author: Ethan, Canada

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Editor: Lee Ann

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I had been looking for an editor for my books for years before I found Their sample edit was high quality and was returned within a reasonable time-frame, and their prices were reasonable. (They were made even more so with their rotating discounts.) Once I signed on for their service, the work was done thoroughly and on time. I highly recommend to any and all authors.
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A short introduction

Sir Vincent Alexander, Lord Guardian and Chosen of Sandora, and Lauren Tel'Pallà, Princess of the Golden Hand, and Heir to the Throne of Pallà, continue their quest of reclaiming the Kingdom of Pallà from Katrina, the Goddess of the Abyss and the deity of the Magi.

For ten years Vincent and Lauren have been running from the Magi, building their skills, strength, and army. Vincent is haunted by the memory of the Great Abbey, where his friends and fellow soldiers fell in battle when the kingdom was lost. If only there was something he could have done to save them . . .

They finally settle in the town of Bocco. The villagers seem to accept them, and Peter, as Vincent is known, even takes two troublemaking teenagers and trains them into Pallàdrim warriors.

But the Magi have found him, and plan to destroy the village, whether Vincent surrenders to them or not. It's time to stop running and fight.

Author: Ethan

Ethan Whitehead was born in 1988 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. As a young boy he found an interest in the realm of fantasy. He would create his own stories while delivering newspapers. It was not until he was living in Italy in his early twenties that he started writing these stories down. Returning to Canada, he studied Nursing Science through Laurentian University, and served as a Navy Reservist for the Royal Canadian Navy. He now works as a Registered Nurse in a rural, Northern Alberta community.

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