The Six and The Crystals of Ialana

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Author: Katlynn Brooke, USA

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A short introduction

A mystical fantasy suitable for all ages and the first in the Ialana series.

Three boys end up on the wrong side of a vicious Army recruiter. Joined by a disillusioned soldier, they must run for their lives through dangerous forests towards an impassable mountain range. They meet up with three girls also escaping adverse circumstances, and six of the group discover they share a dream that is both frightening and compelling, while the other one is possibly a betrayer.

Will they escape the soldiers and a reptilian king who pursues them, or will they fall prey to the frightening creatures that roam the forests and mountains? Who is the mysterious shape-shifter they encounter, and what role does he play in their discovery of who they really are and about their 500 year-old mission?

Author: Katlynn Brooke

Katlynn Brooke grew up in the African bushveld, leading a gypsy-like life as her father's job took him to out-of-the-way places far from towns or cities. Since then, Katlynn has done a lot of traveling in her life, living in India and Indonesia. She enjoys exposure to other cultures, and this shows in her writing. She is an avid reader, with fantasy and science fiction being her preferred genres. She is also an artist and paints mainly in watercolor. She now lives in Virginia, USA, with her husband and cat.

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