The Swindler Diaries

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Author: Robert, Hungary

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Editor: Jefferson

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When I was looking for professional editing services to help with my first book, I mainly considered affordability and professionalism. I found several big editors. But with First Editing, I found what I was looking for. The personal communication and the detailed overview of my work really helped after submitting my first sample. So I didn't consider any other option.
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A short introduction

"What does a neglected intern, a university dropout and an office flunky have in common?" rnrnAfter losing their jobs and being shunned by their communities, three young men from across the world embark on some of the most crooked enterprises of the century. Following the path of swindlers in pursuit of prosperity, their ambitions can only be compensated by money, power, women, and narcotics.rnrnUnaware, though, of all the danger and folly they've stirred up, their criminal schemes soon escalate beyond their control. Plagued by betrayal and deceit, their corrupt endeavours will soon catch up to them…and the consequences will be life-threatening.

Author: Robert

As a Hungarian born South African, I came to realise from an early age that a cosmopolitan life is something that was meant for me. As a passionate traveller and writer I have worked and studied in China, Germany, England and Denmark. After graduating with a Master's degree in Economics and Business Administration in Aarhus University, Denmark, I decided return to Hungary to work as a tax advisor. However, I soon realised that a 9-to-5 job wasn't cut out for me. To pursue my passion for writing and travelling, I started my own digital media and blog company called Times International. Nowadays, I eke out a living through digital marketing and writing.

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