The VA Medical Center Murder

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Author: Mike, USA

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My faith in your honesty. There are far two many scams on the internet.
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A short introduction

In The VA Medical Center Murder, Tommy Marks and Cathy Motts of the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division face their most dangerous adversary. A trained professional with more to protect than just the cover-up of criminal activities.

Once again joined by Detective Kyle Hendricks of the Columbia Police Department and Amy Andrews of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the team follows the clues as their own friends fall victim to the killer.

With each twist of the investigation, they draw nearer to the killer that leads them to a criminal conspiracy never before seen by any member of the team. This book offers a fast-pace investigation with an explosive conclusion.

Author: Mike

At 15 years of age, Mike Gilmore started working for his uncle’s wholesale firm selling candy and tobacco products to small, family owned grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants. He became the general manager by the time he was 23. It was a male dominated business at the time, and he worked with men who had lived through the Great Depression and World War II. From their personal lives, he learned the work ethics he still uses today. In 1986, he shifted to the wholesale electrical and plumbing distribution business where he started to learn his current trade. He filled positions as operation manager, branch manager, and regional branch manager in Ohio, Florida, and finally the coastal area of South Carolina. In 2003, he took a position with one of the world’s largest and most respected manufactures of plumbing fixtures for both residential and commercial products. He has worked as an account manager, market development specialist, and now as a national account manager. He is the author of seven “Levels of Power” novels featuring United States Senator Randy Fisher. In between the Levels of Power novels, he created the SLED Investigation series with The Lace House Murder and The Capital Center Murder. Tales From The Azalea Cottage offers a collection of short stories about memorable characters that will provide a small measure of relaxation to your hectic life. He released a little gem called “The Toilet Salesman…The Oh So Necessary Guy”. The book covers incidents from 25 years of selling plumbing and electrical products. With his wife Cheryl, they wrote a science fiction novel thriller titled 12♂24♀36. He lives with his wife and two cats in South Carolina. Their names are Pokey and Pepper.

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