The Wand Chronicles: Elfistra the Sorceress

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Author: Michael Ross, United Kingdom

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The actual editing was excellent. Nothing seemed to much trouble, and there were some issues with my book that were resolved right away. I will be back with the 2nd book in my trilogy . Big thanks to Dr Michael!
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Author’s review

A short introduction

Book 1 of The Wand Chronicles Trilogy, Elfistra the Sorceress.

Published 19th March, 2019

In the year 2087 on a hunting trip in northwest England there appears a column of white light.

It's a portal between Earth and a parallel Elvish dimension of Laniakeea.

We discover how the humans and elves interact and follow them on their joint adventures into strange and unusual dimensions. We examine the ups and downs of relationships between the two species.

This will be the only urban fantasy trilogy that has a board game to accompany the books. To check out the board game head over to

Author: Michael Ross

Michael Ross is a successful published author who was brought into writing after a visit to a clairvoyant. A comedy, an award winning true life story, and now an urban fantasy trilogy, The Wand Chronicles.

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