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Author’s review

A short introduction

We all recognize that while Quality and leadership may not be two side of the same coin, they are definitely issued from the same mint. Leadership and Quality are interdependent conditions for organizational success in the 21st Century. Leadership is the brain and quality is the heart of any organization. Leaders need interconnection of the brain and heart to succeed. A quality approach cannot flourish in a leadership setting

Who's this book for?

This book is aimed at aspiring new age leadership to include MBA candidates and other graduate-level business majors. It is also targeted at niche group such as American Management Institute and American Society for Quality. This book provides guidance for the visionary professionals who will be in a position to lead their organizations in the ever changing global environment in any field by 2025.This book presents valuable insights about the challenges and opportunities for the new age leadership

Why should I read it?

By 2025 leaders will face extremely fluid markets. The speed of change in technology, product life cycles, and ever demanding sophisticated consumers who can compare and buy products on the internet will force organizations to change their strategies to compete and survive. The challenge will be to create a global marketplace through innovation, to manage change at an ever faster rate, and to create value for ever-more sophisticated consumers.

If you read this book and apply the concepts in it you will unleash your abilities and capabilities, and whether or not your organization has designated you as a leader this book will provide you with a road map for how you can have a positive impact on your organization.

Why is the future so important?

In the fast and unexpected changing business environment "” of global, political, societal, economical, and technological "” organizational change raises the call for a more holistic leadership that has the capacity to handle those modern challenges. And needs a new age Leadership

The future is not what will happen; the future is what is happening.

The next generation of leaders will need to think in terms of the future, and not focus on the present, namely the next couple of months. Until the ability to see further into the future is developed, potential leaders will be limited in their migration to higher levels in the organization.

Why is leadership emphasized?

Leadership is a privilege and a responsibility that demands a good deal from those who practice it, whether formally or informally. High on that list of demands is the need to be ethical, both in personal life and in leadership. Because leaders are role models whether they choose to be or not, they set the tone for the ethical stance of their individual followers, of the organization or group they lead, and, to some extent, of the larger community.

Where did these ideas come from?

The ideas expressed in this book come from combing through published research papers, articles and books from leading experts on Leadership and Quality. Add to that my 40 years of experience in industry and research in Europe and USA. Besides that, I also served as a faculty member in the graduate programs for Engineering for Professionals (EP) at the Whiting School of Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

How should I read this book?

Treat this book like a manual telling you how to achieve and build your future.

This book is a logical step forward from the current state of thinking about the challenges of new age leadership in the future, solving problems will not be about spending money. It will be about understanding universal business principles, and managing ideas and talent led by the new generation of leadership.

Author: Syed

Prof. Syed Ali is a writer and educator in leadership and Quality systems management. He has served as a Principal Professional Staff member at Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland USA. Since 1986, He has applied his expertise to many national and international Space missions including Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX) TOPEX radar altimeter, NEAR, GRACE, FUSE, CONTOUR and MESSENGER as a Systems Assurance Manager (Retired 2007) He is the vice chairman for the “World Council for Total Quality and Excellence in Education.” ( He received a B.S. degree in Quality Engineering from the University of Southbank, London, and an M.S. in Engineering from Kennedy-Western University, USA. Prof. Ali is a Fellow of the Chartered Quality Institute London, a CQP (Chartered Quality Professional) and Fellow of the American Society for Quality (ASQ). Member of “Institute of engineering and technology, UK. He is an ASQ Certified quality auditor. He is the past Section Chair for ASQ (Washington, D.C.) chapter twice and also the past Education Chair. Prof. Ali was a faculty member at The Johns Hopkins University. He developed the “Quality Assurance Engineering” course and teaching from 1992-2009 in the graduate programs for Engineering for Professionals (EP) at the Whiting School of Engineering. Besides presenting papers in various professional and educational institutions in USA he has also presented papers in China, India, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Turkey, Nepal, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mauritius and Canada. He has published a book titled “Building Bridges between quality and Leadership” published 2013 by Maple creek media. and more than 100 significant communications such as journal articles, reports, and professional talks. Received Individual Achievement Award for outstanding contribution in continuously improving the Applied Physics Laboratory’s performance and providing leadership and improving the morale and productivity 1993 Received Lifetime achievement award from the “World Council Total Quality and Excellence “for the significant contribution in the growth and outstanding contribution for the progress of the Council .2015 Received Trochetia Excellence Award from the Mauritian Society for Quality circler in recognition for voluntary and dedicate services and welfare of the community

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