This Faithless Town

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Author: Josh, USA

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A short introduction

A vicious psychopath. A dark family secret. The bloody hunt for five million dollars in stolen drug money. In the third thrilling mystery of the Jason Chance series, new murders tied to an old vice case his father headed up pull Jason out of seclusion. His unofficial investigation brings some dark and surprising family secrets to light, forcing Jason to questions the motives behind his father's suicide. As Jason and Charlotte Frasier (his lover and ex-partner) work to unravel the mystery, they face off against a madman with bloodlust and a score to settle.

Author: Josh

Award-winning writer/producer Josh Griffith is author of the Jason Chance mysteries This Lonely Town, This Secret Town, and This Faithless Town, as well as the suspense thrillers The Lost Man and The Forgotten Place. He co-authored the novel The Killing Club (Hyperion Books) with Michael Malone. The fourth Jason Chance novel, This Angel Town, is coming soon.

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