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Author: Eric, USA

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I really appreciate your note back to me with the kind words. I think authors are always self-critical, and hearing a positive review from a source that isn't obligated to provide a review, positive or negative, is rewarding. Thank-you. Also, thank-you for helping to make my writing more consistent and readable.



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A short introduction

"I think therefore I am."


But is it really that simple?


Prudence and Yannick know poverty, heartache, and injustice firsthand. When a young boy who has nowhere to turn appears in their life, they must choose what kind of people they truly are. Helping him is far beyond their means—abandoning him seems unthinkable. But, the choices they face have an ominous backdrop. Is there more to this than just what they see?


Explore your perception of existence in Thread. Dive into worlds of intrigue and mystery with this cross-genre collection of short stories. Trace the thread of reality as it weaves through the fabric of surrealism. 

Author: Eric

Eric Halpenny is a seemingly normal engineer by day, but a fiction author by night. He hasn't quit his day job. His preferred subject matter concerns life, existence, choice, spirituality, God, science, philosophy, and the nature of reality—all in the guise of entertaining stories. He started writing novels at the age of eight, but waited to publish until thirty-eight. He is often inspired in the middle of the night or while driving home from work. He lives in Northern California with his wife and three children. He loves inspiring quotations, and one of his favorites is from Les Misérables by Victor Hugo: "To learn to read is to light a fire." He would love to know that his writing lit the fire of reading, introspection, and hope in others.

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