Truth is Everlasting

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Author: Alice Faye, USA

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---First Chapter of “Truth is Everlasting”

“Mr. Paul, how much farther before we get to Union City?” Ama yelled over the blowing wind as she pulled the curtain on the wagon back. “We are almost there,” I answered as I saw the village come into sight. I was pushing the horses as hard as I dared. There was no way I could take a chance on the wagon turning over with Ama and the twins. I was thinking about the past week and I could not believe that Awinita had died in my arms after giving birth to the twins. I brushed the tears from my eyes as we rounded the last curve and I could see my home in sight. It was almost dusk when we arrived; Ama and I quickly carried the twins into the parlor.

Nancy was sitting by the fire. She immediately jumped up and ran across the room. “Paul, what is wrong?” she asked.

“Nancy, please send Sam to fetch Dr. Wilson right away,” I said as Ama and I moved closer to the fire with the twins.

AliceFaye ReNae

Author: Alice Faye

AliceFaye ReNae Was born in a small South Georgia town fifth of a family of six siblings. Her oldest brother (Russell) was sixteen years old when she was born. Raised in a Christian home taught her how to deal with many trials and tribulations through her life. Her father passed away when she was ten years old leaving her mother to raise her and her younger brother. Growing up on a farm, learning to work at a very young age, picking cotton, tobacco fields, and vegetable gardens instilled in her a strong work ethic that would continue throughout her adult life. AliceFaye was an avid reader because reading took her away from many things in her life she could not change. There was always a desire that one day she would become an author. That desire turned into reality January 29, 2017 when she published her first book “Unspoken Truths” the first book of her series, another milestone in her life. AliceFaye lives in a small South Georgia town with her retired husband Hugh and their beloved maltose “Fancy”. They live on her husband’s family farm that has been in his family for hundreds of years. They attend the same church she grew up in and where they were married fifty-one years ago. God is Good – God is Good all the Time.

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