Tyranny and Defiance

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Author: William, USA

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Editor: Jefferson

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Jefferson, as an editor, was a perfect fit for my historical novel. Unlike others I have used, he had done research on the American revolutionary time period. His editing was spot on, as my punctuation is terrible, while leaving my style in place. I will probably use you again for my next novel.
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Author’s review

A short introduction

Tyranny and Defiance begins at the immediate aftermath of the Boston Tea Party. The royal governor is replaced with a military governor and the arrival of 4,000 redcoats closing Boston Harbor. The defiance of Sam Adams and John Hancock lead to Lexington and Concord.

Author: William

William E. Johnson, safety consultant, lives in Latrobe, PA. He became enchanted with colonial Boston, while stationed there as a Naval Flight Officer many years ago.

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