Unsung Heroes- Chronicle I: The First Paragon

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Author: Ian, USA

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Editor: Lee Ann

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Lee-Ann was my editor. Very professional and corrections and critiques were right on point with my expectations. I felt comforted by how much my work was enjoyed through out the book with comments. I hired First Editing because I had the highest level of trust from all my personal research. I gained a very polished finished product.

So far I am reaping the rewards of my descision. I was featured in the Ithaca Journal in print and digital versions, next month my book will be featured in Publishing Weekly and professionally reviewed by Readers Favorite at 4/5 Stars, which is an honor. Fans have rated my book 5 Stars across each review, and my book is up for Awards with Readers Favorite Book Awards And Reviews, Indie Reader Discovery Awards, and Beverly Hills Book Awards. I have high hopes for all genres.

I am accepting sales from all over the world now. I am very excited about what the future holds for all my work. First Editing will be my partners through out my career.

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Author’s review

A short introduction

Deep within the farm lands of Central New York is a beacon of pure unaligned power called a Nexus. A benevolent collective of gods have corrupted it to the point of bleeding out into the rest of the world by somehow abusing its power within an Academy for adverse youth. Careful not to reveal his true identity, a mysterious man, Tribe, must discover their grand design within the Academy and forge more like himself, an immortal with unreal powers, to battle all forms of evil gods, and their kind, directly. If he fails his quest, then all of existence may fall with him. During Tribe's first and initial investigation he unexpectedly meets Teagan Carter, a woman who works for the system he is there to infiltrate. After she befriends him by accident, Tribe realizes she is one of the chosen he planned on eventually making like him. Though earlier than expected, Tribe feels as though fate has shown him the greater path. From the start of a simple handshake, Tribe begins her dark journey into becoming a force of nature to rival gods. Teagan lives a life of tragedy under the guise of innocence and beauty. She exists within her façade to the point of victimized ignorance. Tribe knows that before she can truly become the warrior she is meant to be, then she must first burn both herself and her false self all the way through her blackened roots. From endured pain and anguish she must choose to rise from those ashes, The First Paragon. Together they train and ready themselves for the forsaken world that exists and the war that is surely coming for every mortal soul in the world.

Author: Ian

Ian William Verano Rupe is a New York State author. His passions include character design, reading, athletics, and gaming. He graduated from Groton Central School majoring in Art and Science. From there he graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor’s Degree in Multi-Media and Animation. His favorite creative license within his writing is creating science fiction characters filled with dark and dramatic storytelling. In most cases, they are paired with powers that directly relates to their individual developing personalities. Many of his story elements are translated, real world tragedies of his own that he solves, or resolves with his imagination. He is the proud single father of two, who inspire him each and every day with their imagination. All the artwork you see from the site and his book is his own.

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