Walking Through the Flames: The Flames Series Book 2

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Author: Ann Ansah-Grant, Canada

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A short introduction

Amen King is a teenager with a seemingly ideal life because she was born into a wealthy Christian family. Her parents are the founders of a renowned university, her grandfather a great philanthropist, and her Great Grandmother a famous gospel music legend. She also has the best friend that a girl could ask for who always has her back. On the surface, everything seems perfect, but what lies beneath are feelings of inadequacy about living up to her family's pious legacy, as well as a deep dark secret that she cannot escape. When a bullet rings out one fateful night resulting in tragedy, her life takes a drastic turn as her personal demons literally conspire to destroy her. She finds herself far away from home and even further from redemption, plunged into the nightmare of sex-trafficking in New York City. Although she is unaware, there are guardian angels that have been charged by God to protect her. This culminates in an epic spiritual warfare battle for her soul between the forces of good and evil. Will she remain lost in the dark, or will she see the light and come back home?

Author: Ann Ansah-Grant

ANN ANSAH-GRANT is a Toronto-based author who has had an unwavering passion for the written word since she was a child. In fact, she started her own make-shift publishing company at the ripe old age of seven when she crafted a series of children’s books that were bound with staples, wool, and tape. This is her second novel in what she calls The Flames Series. Previously, Ann was a contributing writer for an online magazine and has had her poetry included in an anthology called The Silent Journey published by the International Library of Poetry.

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