With A Little More Practice

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Author: Paul, USA

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Self-published and therefore in control of my own work and its content. FirstEditing has done a great job at an affordable price. I have been pleased with the results and found my editor, Lee Ann, to be both responsive and helpful. I am currently on my fourth editing project here with FirstEditing.
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A short introduction

With a Little More Practice is the sequel to Mal Practice and continues the story of Joe Neldo a pediatrician who refuses to ignore evil when he sees it. He is accompanied by his wife and friends to a vacation in Las Vegas, the result of his exposure of a murdrrer in the first novel. In beautiful Vegas while others are having fun, Joe get them involved with the runaways being used and abused on the street. When one of them is murdered Joe vows to bring justice even when threatened by the police and the casinos

This ending will surprise you.

Author: Paul

Paul Janson is a practicing emergency medicine physician who loves writing especially about medicine. He has written and published several novels. His most recent mystery is the sequel to his first which was well reserved by reviewers including Kirkus Reviews. They felt the professional descriptions were particularly well done. That novel, Mal Practice, was a finalist in the Independent Publishers of New England book awards genre fiction category.

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