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A short introduction

The past and the future are of distant memories but a galaxy of many cultures thrive on the present.

The mysteries of an ancient era begin to unravel. A hunter finds himself on an adventure that could change the course of history.

The power of the Obscure will clash with love and light. What will be his biggest ally? It may not be enough to stop this eclipse.

This space adventure is an original story and part one in the series.

Author: Jordan

Jordan Broody likes to spend his off hours writing about science fiction. Music and love are his main source of inspirations when he creates galaxies, worlds, and characters. Jordan finds that the struggle to fight for love can be as small as a word but as big as a galaxy. The passion for another is timeless, and love is timeless. He also believes that creativity and wisdom are infinite, but it’s how we live that defines us. This is Jordan’s first novel and first book in the Arkonus series.

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