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Author: Raymond, Canada

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Editor: Nick

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I hired FirstEditing because they have an excellent website and reasonable costs.

It turns out there are many grave errors in my writing, and my editor helped to reveal them to me. Now, I can be confident that my book will be of professional quality.

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A short introduction

Coryworld is the world created by Cory Powers for his sociology 101 assignment, and he loves tweaking it. He spies on the people inside his homework assignment, scares them for fun, and makes them run around and dance for his amusement. But what's fun for Cory isn't so much fun for the expendable simulated people inside his homework assignment, and when the simulated world becomes flawed and needs to be fixed, things can appear very strange indeed if you're stuck inside and there's no escape.

This story has approximately 15000 words.

Author: Raymond

Gap Yuet Bingding lives in Hamilton with his plants Amaryllis and Spider.

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