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Author: Alan, South Africa

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I enjoy that the editors at FirstEditing are people and that they comment as readers as well as editors of my work. The quality of the returned text is impressive and the distance the editors are willing to go to comment on and give insight into the edited body of work helps me as an author make decisions to best present my writing.

I am preparing to release my next book and FirstEditing made a comprehensive job of preparing my writing for that purpose.

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A short introduction

An imaginative foray into a fantasy realm with a devilishly poignant protagonist who journeys through the world and his own past alike. An action infused fantasy adventure with a fast paced pulse-pounding story that captures the reader's attention and draws them in to Dunderland's experience within the prison.

The only advice given to all new arrivals, written for all to see in a way that cannot be ignored:

All prisoners arrive the same.

None will have memory nor goods to claim.

All arrive equal and proceed on foot.

Your lives are your own to grow or loot.

Should you want your memory or just an end.

Proceed up the stairs which will bring your cleanse.

Be warned however that the stairs are no reprieve.

Should you take them it will not be to leave.

Your sentence is final.

You are here to die, how that happens is your last remaining denial.

It's an amalgamation of landscapes all smacked together hodge podge, floating within its very own pocket dimension. There is no escape, because there is no way out. The door only drops people in. To get out, you must take the stairs and die, or just die. It is the cosmic penal colony for every one of the worst beings in the universe to spend the rest of their life sentences, yes, plural. If you did not get executed, you got sent here, which means someone out there really wants you to suffer.

Author: Alan

Alan E Brickett is an avid reader and now a writer of Fiction in the form of Science Fiction and various forms of Fantasy. Alan has been reading since he was 5 years old, steadily escalating through more advanced books. Recently he donated books from his collection to a public library and found over twelve hundred of them which he had consumed and were now older than ten years. To date Alan estimates he has thoroughly enjoyed more than three thousand different books in a variety of genres and by many great Authors. This is why he hops to join their ranks, make a name for himself and add to the ongoing growth of creativity in writing. Alan works in the fields of data science and business intelligence, with a degree in Astrophysics and then three more all related to data systems and business management of information it took him a while to gather the courage and capability to attempt entering the realm of authorhood. Initially the idea was to become an astronaut, then some dreams took a backseat to life and a bout of brain cancer later Alan has been writing away since the tumor went into remission. With a fair amount of practice under his belt and the inevitable practice yet to come he hopes to provide astoundingly great reading someday, in the meantime he settles for what everyone says is good enough to start and is venturing out as an independent author. If you want to know more then check out the Facebook and Twitter links, mainly they will help you keep in touch regarding progress and updates. But the occasional hint will likely be thrown out too. Below you will find some questions which Alan chose to answer, they seemed important for perspective.

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