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Author: Sara, Canada

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Editor: Lee Ann

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I really enjoyed working with my editor (Lee Ann) as she provided me with insights and personal feedback on top of the excellent editing.
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Author’s review

A short introduction

Infinity is a compilation of spiritual reflections on life that takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery and self-realization. This book is written to speak to the hearts of readers and encourage them to follow their inner guidance. Composed of 155 reflections, it touches on various topics including gratitude, compassion, oneness, healing, growth, and transformation. It emphasizes that we are infinite creative beings and with inner stillness and intention, we can manifest what we truly desire deep within our hearts.

Author: Sara

At the age of 22, Sara Bighash experienced an internal shift that changed her state of being. This inner shift created a sense of stillness within her that caused her to perceive life differently. Drawn towards various spiritual teachings and meditation practices, she saw this change reflected in her everyday life and personal relationships. While in university, Sara began to journal as a form of connecting with her inner self and self-expression. Her writing was predominantly geared towards spirituality and self-reflections and from her journals, the idea of this book was born. Through her writing, she intends to inspire readers to live from the heart, connect with their inner self, and follow their soul’s guidance.

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