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I appreciated the clarity of editing and corrections. Understanding of the story line and characters' personalities. I got help where I had made a technical/historical/geographical error.

Also, the editor really helped in maintaining the continuity through three volumes in the series so far.

FirstEditing offers a very polite and understanding service. It is highly recommended!

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A short introduction

'A Neolithic epic tale in classic proportions.' Bringing hero Oiwa to heroine Shala across vast arctic oceans. They both have amazing stories and adventures in their individual quests to meet.rnrnOrkney's blood lines become too close. Will this young man solve the breeding succession?


Andrew Appleby is deeply involved with his pottery, Harray Potter Ltd. He is also President of The John Rae Society, Orkney’s magnificent Arctic Explorer, who influenced ‘Skara.’ Appleby.s society now has possession of his 18th century family home, which they obtained just in time before its dilapidation ruined it.rnrnSince the late 70’s Appleby has yearned of writing an epic Neolithic novel set in Orkney. He began it after a walk on Christmas Eve on Birsay Beach with his wife Sigrid. As they watched the redshanks running in the ebb and across the wet sands, he said to Sigrid, “At last I have the beginning and end of my book. It start’s with a Tsunami and ends with one!” He began Skara that evening introducing Shala, her family and fellow villagers.

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