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Author: Jason, USA

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The editor who worked on my project was remarkably thorough. Not only did she explain her reasons behind corrections, but she also took the time to cite sources explaining her reasons in greater detail. She struck me as someone who is a book lover, and not just someone who's reviewing words on a page. I truly appreciated her professionalism and would gladly work with her, and FirstEditing, on future projects.
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A short introduction

Over the past ten years, Iris Porter has lived a perfect life in the picturesque town of Elfordult. She's a devoted wife, a loving mother, and an adored schoolteacher. Few would believe the secret she's kept. For years, Iris has lived a double life as a powerful witch, protecting the town and her loved ones from harm.

When a woman from Iris' past threatens to expose the secret, her world unravels. She chooses to isolate herself from her family in order to protect them and contain her secret. To face her enemy, Iris must rely on her power"”without losing herself to its darkness. Determined to defend all she has, Iris must choose between protecting her dream, and making the ultimate sacrifice for love.

Author: Jason

Jason Garrett is the author of eight novels. His novel Pursuit was named a finalist in two categories at the 2012 National Indie Excellence Awards. His novel Troubled Souls was awarded winner of both the 2013 National Indie Excellence Award for Horror and the 2013 Beverly Hills Book Award for Horror.

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