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If you’ve been around the publishing or writing field long enough, you’ve probably heard of our editing services at First Editing. At least, we hope so. Or perhaps you’ve come across us during your search for editing just now and wondered what we can offer you that might be different, unique or you just didn’t know about. Whatever the case may be, let us tell you more about why you should hire us for your professional editing services and the importance of using professional services.

About us

First Editing is a family of editing and editing consultants that have been writing, editing and proofreading since 1994. This fantastic team is headed by the dynamic founder and author, JoEllen Nordstrom, a published author herself, who recognized there was a group of writers struggling to become published authors. Enter First Editing to step into the breach, help edit manuscripts and direct writers about the steps they should take. JoEllen is joined by a team of qualified editors versant in multiple genres, subject areas and even time zones. Since inception, we’ve helped 50,000 authors around the world with projects that include children’s stories, resume services, PhD theses, non-fiction essays, science fiction or romantic fiction, and just about everything else you can think of.

One of the great things about First Editing is the connection between the editing and support staff. Even though we are in locations as disparate as Australia, the Philipines, the USA and UK, there are regular team workshops, training, and online meetings and discussion to keep everyone abreast of new skills, changes, and challenges. We have also recently teamed up with Fictionary to certify our StoryCoach editors. This helps keep us current, connected, skilled and keen to share our knowledge so we can ultimately help our writers better.

Here are five other things you may not have realised about us.

1: Our services

We offer editing services in five key areas: books, academic papers, journals and scientific publications, marketing and business documents, and editorial support services such as consultations and critiques/reviews. Basically, we like to think we cover most written fields. And if you have any doubt about your work fitting in, feel free to contact us. The answer is probably yes to whatever you have written.

2: Quantity of pages edited

If you want to try our services out first before committing to a paid product, we encourage you to try our sample services. Simply submit a sample of 10,000 words to receive a same-day sample of what we can do for you, complete with tracked changes and a summary of the work performed and what level of editing we recommend you need. Once you have decided to hire us to help you, there is no limit to the quantity of pages you need to submit to us.

3: Variety/qualifications of editors

Our editors are people with real world experience that have hundreds or thousands of manuscripts to their credit that cover everything from dissertations and theses to works of fiction.

Our editors are wordsmiths and grammar Nazis by day, but also teach ballroom dancing, train guide dogs, coach school athletics, rehabilitate wildlife, keep bees and an array of pets. Some have come out of publishing houses, media editing and journalism, corporate fields or even TEFL (teaching english as a foreign language). Whatever their background and experience, they all love words and language. Read more about them here.

4: Subject-matter experts

Most of our editors have an ability to work across a variety of genres and subjects, however, we also have specialists that are experts in their field. This includes Christian writing, science fields, research papers, style guide formatting, history, geography, humanities, social sciences and more. Feel free to request a subject matter expert in your field.

5: We care about your success

We like to celebrate our authors, and give them a page on our website to laud their success. We’d love to see your work featured here too. And we also love to hear what you’ve been up to. Drop us a line and let us know how your writing is going.

While our editors are professionally trained, we like to keep up open dialogue and access between our writers and editors. Many of our editors are published writers themselves and know the hard yards required to get a book or project written and properly edited. They also know how important it is to understand the process, the mechanics of editing or writing, and what steps to take at each point of your journey. You’re in good hands with us.

Editors will answer all your questions as soon as possible, and we also have an online chat area that you can reach out at almost anytime of day with questions or concerns.

Get substantive editing for high-impact publishing sucess.

Frequently Asked Questions

First Editing is equipped to edit ANY type of document you can write! Over the past 10 years, we’ve perfected tens of thousands of manuscripts, books, ebooks, theses, dissertations, essays, letters, websites, articles, scripts, business proposals, poetry, and more! Let us transform your draft into a perfectly edited masterpiece! Click HERE for a FREE sample edit and price quote…
Projects less than 50 pages are completed in just 2-3 business days. Longer documents (manuscripts, dissertations, etc.) require 7-10 business days depending on their length. If you order multiple documents totaling 50+ pages, they can all still be completed in the standard 3 day timeframe since each document may be assigned to a different editing team simultaneously. Additionally, 1-2 day rush services are also available. See our order form for more details.
Professional editors of successfully published books, journals, articles, and more are working around the clock to ensure your editing is letter-perfect and delivered according to your deadline. Each editor has a minimum of TEN years worth of professional writing & editing experience. Show us some of YOUR writing and we’ll send YOU a FREE editing sample!
First Editing is one of the very few online editing services that GUARANTEES client satisfaction! If there is ANYTHING about our work with which you are not 100% satisfied, we will correct it at no additional charge. First Editing is also the ONLY service of its kind to GUARANTEE on-time completion. We NEVER miss a deadline…EVER!! Read more about our Editing Satisfaction Guarantee.
Our basic rates vary from just 1 U.S. cent per word to just over 3 U.S. cents per word. Most basic copy editing that does not require rush delivery costs between $0.0097 and $0.013 USD per word (approximately one cent per word). Larger orders often cost even less. Factors influencing your total price are document type, length of manuscript, turnaround time required, & level of editing required. For a free, no-obligation price quote, CLICK HERE.

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Get a free editing sample outlining areas you need to fix before publishing. Discover what works!
Get substantive editing for high-impact publishing sucess.

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