How Do I Find a Publisher?

Say you’ve been busy trying to write a novel, or a reference book or your autobiography. You’ve worked diligently for months or years to finally finish your book. Now it’s time to decide on a publisher for your writing, which is often a precise and painstaking process. It’s incredibly important to find the proper publisher for you and your book. To find a publisher, here are some considerations to think about and several resources to make use of.

You need to definitely acquire an current edition of the Writer’s Marketplace or Literary Niche Place as a starting point. Both of these guides give in-depth data regarding the latest publishing atmosphere for writers, as well as contact information and other details about various publishing companies. These guides are published yearly; you can also access them by joining their sites. The advice enclosed in these guides is invaluable should your target be to turn into a published author. If you’ll are passionate about publishing and what you’ve worked so hard to write, the search for the correct publisher will possibly be complicated, but necessary.

As you work with the data from these guides and whatever other information you’ve acquired, you should look at publishers that have an interest in the kind of material you have written. A publisher who is mostly concerned with publishing collections of short stories may not be so anxious to publish materials on 13th century Chinese religious practices. Identifying the publisher or publishers who are involved with your genre of book is an important and vital component to your search for the right publisher.

It may possibly transpire that you will find multiple publishers who might very well be enthusiastic about your work. In that case, you need to see if they accept simultaneous submissions. If they do, you can submit your manuscript to them and to other potentially interested publishing firms at the same time. Obviously, this will be to your advantage because you can allow multiple publishing organizations to see your manuscript at the duplicate time. If one of them chooses to publish your book, make sure to inform the other ones about that decision as per their guidelines.

All publishing companies have various requirements. Some will ask you to send a query letter along with a full chapter. Other folks will only accept a query letter, soon after which they’ll want a lot more information or sample chapters. And still other publishing organizations will want the complete manuscript all at once. Some businesses will only accept manuscripts on paper, although some will want them submitted electronically. You can find publishing firms who won’t accept unsolicited manuscripts, while some might accept both solicited and unsolicited. Lastly, a lot will depend on whether or not you’ll demand the services of an agent; you will find both publishers who demand them and those who don’t. If you have to hire an agent, you will want to again ensure that you’ve carried out a suitable search before making a choice.

Before you submit your completed manuscript to a publisher or agent, let the our knowledgeable editors manage all your editing needs. We offer editing services ranging from standard proofreading to executive content editing, which will offer an author detailed ideas and corrections, complimentary rewrites of as much as 20% of the manuscript, and an unbiased and professional critique of the manuscript. We also offer other services created to help you meet your publishing goals; for example, manuscript formatting, synopses, and query letters. Our professionally trained and widely knowledgeable editors are waiting to help you turn that manuscript into a masterpiece ready for publication!

Publishing a book is hard to do by yourself alone, although it is possible in some cases. As with most of life’s challenges, it often takes a team or a special union to really produce a refined result.

In terms of book publishing, the first thing an author needs to do is write the book! This may seem obvious; however, the process takes a long time, and the author needs to have the will to continue writing in the face of all the literary hurdles. This is the longest step in finding a publisher. An author should first and foremost make sure the work is finished to a high degree, and to the best of the author’s abilities. One more point to note: Patience is a virtue.

Once the book has been written, the author should look for an editor to smooth out any inconsistencies, and also gain valuable advice on what should be changed. It is often the case that although a first time author may have a strong vision, the reader might not be able to focus in quite the same way. A quality editing service can not only give an author a second opinion, but can also help to polish the writing into a final copy to send to a publisher.

Furthermore, it is important to be aware of the genre of the work. In a publisher’s eyes, the genre defines the audience, and therefore the profitability of the work. Therefore, an author should first search for a publisher that is most appropriate to the work itself, in terms of writing style, target audience and genre.

Having a strong work is of the utmost importance. In the quest for a publisher, an author needs to find a publisher who truly believes in the work to such an extent that they are willing to pay the author to print the work! When approaching a publisher, make sure to read the submission criteria carefully. Adhere to whichever requirements are set, and always maintain a professional tone.

Another important piece of advice is to have belief! If a major publishing house doesn’t accept a work, there are a multitude of smaller publishing houses who might be willing to publish a work. These range from mid-size houses to truly independent publishing companies. Going this route can also be interesting as the distance between author and publisher is so much closer, which can lead to a stronger working relationship in the long run.

To sum up, a first-time author should have motivation, self-belief, a book that is polished to best quality achievable, and lastly, should be as professional as possible. Good luck with finding a publisher!

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