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You have created as well as proofed and edited most of your own undergraduate as well as graduate-level papers. No problem. But now you are dealing with the most important paper: your master’s thesis or your doctoral dissertation. Alarm sets in whenever you recognize that editing this perfectly could be could be beyond the scope of your previous academic editing experience or skills. “What was I thinking?” you groan, clutching your head. The whole thing just looks so mind-boggling.

Do not despair! There is a project it is possible to complete without panic. You can always hire a specialized editor to fix this paper that is very important to your academic profession so that your work is free of errors. The skilled editors at are knowledgeable at offering theses and dissertations that meet the requirements of even the nit-pickiest professor.

But a lot is taken into consideration in editing associated with a lengthy and specialized paper. And every single school, university, school and department contains its own tiny quirks and tweaks towards the supposedly standard style manual they use. Can a professional editor even genuinely grasp all these facts?

Let’s consider the essentials: any paper should be grammatically proper and have correct punctuation and spelling. Your editor can make sure that is taken care of. Errors of this kind are the initial factor seen by someone reviewing your paper and can sink your grade before the meat of the paper is even considered, regardless of how wonderful your content is.

There exists a “formula” for shorter essays that has the potential to help you stay focused and organized for academic papers: inside of the opening chapter, ordinarily the introduction, you tell your reader the factors you intend to examine; in the subsequent several chapters, talk about these factors; conclude by telling the user the thing that you started with as well as conclusions drawn. However, with all the requirements you must follow when writing a major paper like this, it is easy to become confused and lose focus.

A professional editor will perfect the individual components required in such a paper – the introduction, body, references, appendices, even your title page. The editor will make sure these are not only error-free and accurate, but that they also exceed the guidelines and expectations of your school and your professor. Your editor will also ensure that your work has excellent clarity and cohesiveness.

In addition, you are required to have content that flows smoothly and in an organized fashion. For instance, if you state within your opening that you will cover points A, B and C in chapters 1, 2, and 3 and as a substitute you somehow go off on a tangent and discuss points A, D and G, an editor can note this inconsistency and advise approaches to fix it. A professional editor will check not only from chapter to chapter that your paper makes sense, but also from sentence to sentence.

It is also needed to get acquainted with the style guide your committee requires, be it APA, MLA, Turabian, or what-have-you. The editors at FirstEditing are acquainted with all these style guides and many more, and can even adapt their skills to your institution’s “in-house” style guide, which may effectively be a variation on one of the style guides.

No matter what your editing needs, anytime you put your thesis or dissertation in the able fingers of the editors at FirstEditing, you’ll be able to rest assured that certified professionals are giving your work the attention it deserves.

Professional Editing for your Thesis or DissertationThis article details the benefits of using professional Editing for your thesis or dissertation. Internet is a wonderful invention. Just over a decade ago writing a thesis or a dissertation involved numerous trips to the university library and sifting through book shelves, archived research papers and microfiche files.

The days of writing to authors and requesting a reprint of their research paper are long gone, as all the information you need is just a web search away. However, this poses another problem − how to find reputable and relevant information sources and how to incorporate them successfully into your thesis. It is easy to fall into a trap of including too much, making the writing less focused. As the thesis is a culmination of several years of hard work, its importance cannot be stressed enough. It is what the examiners will judge your work on, and what will remain as a permanent record of your achievements. Regardless of how helpful your supervisors are, most will not be involved in writing your thesis. Thus, with so many notes, data and files to incorporate into a cohesive unit, it is easy to get disheartened.

This is where a help of professional editor is essential. They can be impartial and objective when reviewing you work, helping you to improve the layout, flow and structure of your writing.

They will offer a helpful advice on how to enhance the presentation of your work and identify any areas that need further attention. Furthermore, they will not be judging or grading your work, thus you can relax in the knowledge that any inconsistencies, mistakes or omissions will be addressed well before the final submission. With the advancement in communication technology editorial services have become available to all. Profession previously almost exclusively associated with book publishing is now much broader in scope, with editors specialising in specific areas, most importantly in academic writing.

They are experts in their field as well as experienced in writing and reviewing a wide range of academic materials − from papers for publication in peer reviewed journals to university assignments, dissertations and PhD theses. It is worth checking out several services to see what is on offer. But, equally important is your own preparation.

Be sure to correct as many mistakes in spelling, grammar punctuation etc. as you can. Adopt and use the same spelling for frequently used terms, check uniformity of headings, paragraph spacing, indentation, quotations marks (single vs. double). Use a specific citation and referencing style guide (most standard ones are available free on the web) and follow it diligently to avoid painstaking corrections later.

Whilst an editor can certainly do all that for you, it is better to reserve their help for more important issues that you cannot address yourself. If you have made a right choice, your editor will become an invaluable partner in your writing endeavours, with whom you will collaborate for many years as your studies and career progress. Good Luck!

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First Editing is equipped to edit ANY type of document you can write! Over the past 10 years, we’ve perfected tens of thousands of manuscripts, books, ebooks, theses, dissertations, essays, letters, websites, articles, scripts, business proposals, poetry, and more! Let us transform your draft into a perfectly edited masterpiece! Click HERE for a FREE sample edit and price quote…
Projects less than 50 pages are completed in just 2-3 business days. Longer documents (manuscripts, dissertations, etc.) require 7-10 business days depending on their length. If you order multiple documents totaling 50+ pages, they can all still be completed in the standard 3 day timeframe since each document may be assigned to a different editing team simultaneously. Additionally, 1-2 day rush services are also available. See our order form for more details.
Professional editors of successfully published books, journals, articles, and more are working around the clock to ensure your editing is letter-perfect and delivered according to your deadline. Each editor has a minimum of TEN years worth of professional writing & editing experience. Show us some of YOUR writing and we’ll send YOU a FREE editing sample!
First Editing is one of the very few online editing services that GUARANTEES client satisfaction! If there is ANYTHING about our work with which you are not 100% satisfied, we will correct it at no additional charge. First Editing is also the ONLY service of its kind to GUARANTEE on-time completion. We NEVER miss a deadline…EVER!! Read more about our Editing Satisfaction Guarantee.
Our basic rates vary from just 1 U.S. cent per word to just over 3 U.S. cents per word. Most basic copy editing that does not require rush delivery costs between $0.0097 and $0.013 USD per word (approximately one cent per word). Larger orders often cost even less. Factors influencing your total price are document type, length of manuscript, turnaround time required, & level of editing required. For a free, no-obligation price quote, CLICK HERE.

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