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“Thank you very much for the valuable comments and suggestions. It helped me substantively improve the content of the document. ”
Christelle Sion, Switzerland
“Pure quality and professionalism!”
Doan Montreal, Canada
“This was a big project and was completed much faster than anticipated. The work was excellent.”
Gary Tuscaloosa, USA
“I am particularly grateful for how quickly Natasha completed the editing. This gave me some extra time to work on my text before the deadline. I also appreciate the thoroughness of her work, and her excellent suggestions for improving the text flow and word choice.”
Julia Hovdebygda, Norway
“ I am sure Dr. Natasha, do a great job. Dr. Natasha are the best editor I have ever seen. I and all of the authors are very impressed by Dr. Natasha and Dr. Natasha's excenllent work. It's a very good start of a long and productive collaboration between us. I will contact Dr. ...”
Youliang Beijing, China
“Easy to order. Good prices. From submitting my paper, the service was even quicker than I ordered. My editor also went beyond the package I ordered to make sure the document was good enough.”
Fredrik Trondheim, Norway
“I appreciated the attention to detail.”
Palayakotai chappaqua, USA
“Always excellent - Communication and professionalism above all”
Gisela Madrid, Spain
“The work was completed well before the deadline, and Dr. Natasha was able to provide me with a structural edit which fixed an issue that was hard for me to break through.”
Emily Greenville, USA
“Nice quality, professionalism, personal communication”
Takwa Ajdovscina, Slovenia
“Professionalism is first-rate.”
Waranpong Chatuchak, Thailand
“I am always impressed with my editor's professionalism and personal communication and I am satisfied with the quality and costs/prices of the service.”
Sun Youn Yokohama, Japan
“I appreciated the extra feedback and the corrections made throughout the chapter and meeting of the deadlines.”
RaShelle Somerset, USA
“I appreciated the speed of the review.”
Rohana Cheras, Malaysia
“Great deadline and guarantee”
“Free sample, quality, professionalism, deadlines, and guarantee are the best service I have ever got.”
Nia Bandung, Indonesia
“The editor has done commendable work. He has thoroughly checked for language errors. Thanks again for the effort.”
Sanjeev Raipur, India
“Very thorough review work.”
“Met deadlines with professionalism”
Omar Sarasota, USA
“Quality is good.”
lu nanjing, China
“Professionalism and dedicated personal communication!”
Azra Khobar, Saudi Arabia
“Pure quality!”
fill Baoding, USA
“Beneficial personal communication.”
Taufique Dhaka, Bangladesh
“Excellent free sample, great turn around time!”
Rachel Naperville, USA
“I liked the professionalism and personal communication.”
Amani Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
“Professionalism and thorough quality.”
Jan Somerville, Germany
“I appreciated the free sample, quality, professionalism, personal communication, deadlines, guarantee.”
Eman yanbu, Egypt
“The platform is very simple to use.”
Fatimah Kuwait City, Kuwait
“Quality, professionalism, very careful and kind personal communication”
Gemma Nocera Inferiore, Italy
“Free sample and professionalism”
Saravanan Simpang Ampat, Malaysia
“I like the editor's feedback and comments on the writing.”
Maria Patricia Beverly, USA
“Excellent professionalism and personal communication.”
Basant kumar Ukmarge, Lithuania
“High quality, professionalism and reduced time.”
Maria Vila Pouca de Aguiar, Portugal
“Dr. Natasha is the best! She does such a great job in improving my work. Every time. Thank you!”
Lukas Bern, Switzerland
“Attention to Detail”
Surabhi Philadelphia, USA
“I tried many editing services over the years and I can happy to say that FirstEditing is the best service ever! Perfect timing, very affordable prices, quality of service is super high, and professionalism at the top standard. Most importantly, Editors are amazing (Dr. N is a genius!).”
Silvia Buenos Aires, Argentina
“Second time using the same editors. Very good at taking my words and improving the quality of the paper”
Melvin Cleveland, USA
“The quality of work was excellent”
Fatimah Kuwait City, Kuwait
“I appreciate the honest feedback and quick return. Have been using the same editor for some time now so we have a nice flow. She is really helping to shape my work!”
Melvin Cleveland, USA
“Great quality and personal communication!”
Hammad Sheffield, United Kingdom
“Thank you for a very good editing job, performed professionally and in due time at a reasonable cost. I very much appreciated the personal communication with the editor in charge and would like to commend Joanne for her thorough work on my manuscript. I appreciated her personal comments on the ...”
Ingrid Rennesøy, Norway
“Quality of work and deadline. I received my document after 2-3 days.”
Maria Vila Pouca de Aguiar, Portugal
“ok prices and good suggestions for improving the paper”
Birgitte Lund Aarhus, Denmark
“There are fantastic points to highlight about this service: quality of the job is outstanding, professionalism in each edited work is remarkable, and best of all personal communication with the editors is an amazing plus.”
Silvia Buenos Aires, Argentina
“Rapid communication”
Theodosis Patras, Greece
“I appreciated the ease of use and free sample.”
Matt Monroe, USA
MOUNIR Muscat, Oman
“My editor had some good suggestions and she improved the clarity of the text.”
Maria Beverly, USA
“Pure quality!”
Jungwook Nottingham, USA
“The quality of editing was excellent and the editor addressed specific questions I had about my work and provided me feedback.”
Ron Plymouth, USA
“Natasha is a great editor!”
Jurgen Weinheim, Germany
“Personal communication. Deadlines kept.”
Izak Grand Rapids, USA
“Dear Dr. Natasha : Thank you for your quickly editing very much! I send out my paper successfully. Look forward to working with you again! Wei-Jhih Wong”
Wei-Jhih , Taiwan
“Language issues is made much better through First Editing. Being danish, it is a bit hard to get the language flowing..Thanks a lot!”
Jens Jakob vejle, Denmark
“Good quality and guarantee”
ym beijing, China
“Exceptional editing! Exceptional editors! ”
Dennis Gearhart, USA
“As always, Dr Natasha did a wonderful job! I'm extremely happy with the quality of her work.”
Lukas Bern, Switzerland
“Everything was great!”
Rebwar Stockholm, Sweden
“Quality, professionalism, personal communication”
Eric Kelowna, Canada
“I just went straight for editing”
Elizabeth Crestview, USA
“quality, deadlines and costs”
Zhen Guangzhou, China
“I liked the detailed comments that enabled me to understand the changes made/I need to make. The editing was done professionally and in good time. Customer service was excellent”
Francis Manassas, USA
“I like the professionalism they have. Very easy to work with.”
RINA Tokyo, Japan
“When they made a mistake, they responded and corrected quickly.”
Amelia Columbus, USA
“fast answer”
Khaterine Filderstadt Sielmingen, Germany
“My editor always goes above and beyond and challenges me to be a better writer. I am so grateful for this service and my editor.”
Danielle state college, USA
“Quality along most dimensions”
Jan Tore Trondheim, Norway
“The editor gave good and reasonable comments to help improve my paper.”
John La Crosse, USA
“Your service is excellent. Confidentiality is of paramount importance here.”
Riyad Amman, Jordan
“I liked the customer service and quality of editing”
Chandra RAIPUR, India
“Best professionalism and personal communication”
Franz Aigues Mortes, France
Franz Aigues Mortes, France
“Dear Customer Service, I confirm that I got the edited job. Also, I wish to say many many thanks to Dr. Natasha for her incredible job! I truly appreciate her dedication and commitment. Indeed, it is always rewarding having her edits and suggestions to improve my work. Please, also say to ...”
Silvia Buenos Aires, Argentina
“Quick turnaround on review and quality feedback.”
Sebrena Tuscaloosa, USA
“I appreciated the customer service, quality, communication, and promptness.”
Lamont Columbus, USA
“Excellent customer service”
Abhishek Singapore, Singapore
“Appreciated professionalism fast delivery”
Ana Guadalajara, Mexico
Franz Aigues Mortes, France
“It was very fast.”
David Seoul, USA
“The actual work is the best”
Robert Cranston, USA
“The expedient attention to the work Notes from the editor. I thought the price that I paid should have covered some of the items she mentions that were not in the package that I purchased. OVERALL , THE WORK THAT NATASHA DID WAS OUTSTANDJNG.”
Christine AMAWALK, USA
Franz Aigues Mortes, France
“Dr. Natasha, Subject - Cause for confusion This was not the first time that I sent work for editing to your company. In 2014, I sent my first short story, and subsequently, over the next three years I sent five more that were edited there. ”
Edmund San Jose, USA
Joseph Copenhagen, Denmark
“Quality and cost”
Adnan Baghdad, Iraq
Franz Aigues Mortes, France
“Dear Customer Relations Dept. I wanted to let you known that I received the edited doc. I could not be more satisfied and happy with the work done by Dr. Natasha! I sincerely appreciate your and her support in editing our work. Is has been truly a super happy experience having ...”
Silvia Buenos Aires, Argentina
“I loved the quality and professionalism of First Editing. I am fully assured of the quality of the editing. I also find the prices reasonable.”
David toronto, Canada
“Quality and professionalism”
Saeed Puchong, Malaysia
“Customer service and the quality of work”
“Professionalism, deadlines”
“Dr. Natosha was wonderful and did great work for my project. I look forward to her working on my projects in the future”
Robert Thibodaux, USA
“Professionalism and rapid edition thanks to Dr. Natasha”
Franz Aigues Mortes, France
Franz Aigues Mortes, France
“I utilized your service for the first time in 2009. And still you are maintaining the same quality!”
Arumugam chittoor, India
“I'm always pleased with the professionalism and the quick turn around time. Throw in that I am becoming a better writer because of my association with FirstEditing and it's a win-win all around.”
James Naples, USA
“Strong sense of professionalism”
Mohammad Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
“Precise editing comments”
ROBERT Columbia, USA
“My editor Natasha did an excellent job of editing my paper. The review was done promptly with excellent suggestions.”
Nelson Irvine, USA
“Because you provide a personalized service and the assistence is quickly.”
Ana Guadalajara, Mexico
“I really appreciate the fast turnaround and the quality of the edit that Natasha provided. Highly recommended and will continue using your service.”
Eric Kelowna, Canada
“The expert review and edit was outstanding. The price was exceptional and the free sample. I highly recommend this editing service. Great job!”
Carl Melbourne, USA
“quality professionalism”
GUADALUPE Coyoacan, Mexico
“quality, professionalism, costs/price”
Ingrid Urnaesch, Switzerland
“This is my first time using your service and I am very pleased with the results. Please give my appreciation and thanks to Dr. Natasha. I greatly appreciate the edits and advice! ”
Mary Tampa, USA
“It was the third time I use this service and it is always good. High quality, short time to complete the work and good price!”
Maria Vila Pouca de Aguiar, Portugal
“I am simply amazed at the quality of your service. Dr. Natasha was beyond my expectations. She really gave my article a critical review and editing. I will be back.”
John Clinton, USA
Franz Aigues Mortes, France
“I am delighted with the professionalism and kindness of Dr. Natasha. The quality of the service and the deadlines are unbeatable.”
Diana Valparaiso, Chile
“Competitive cost”
Parisa Tehran, Iran
“High quality performed by Dr Natasha.”
Nursazila Asikin Parit Buntar, Malaysia
“I trust Jefferson. I appreciate receiving a clean copy.”
James Naples, USA
“Work product was outstanding.”
Gerry Baltimore, USA
“Sharp editing of difficult material.”
Dennis Gearhart, USA
“To Dr. Natasha, Thank you very much for your fluent English style you brought to my paper. Some times you had problems to understand me, but you made the right corrections. When your suggestion did not match my opinion, my description was not sufficiently clear. Since my readers would have the ...”
Franz Aigues Mortes, France
“Hello, Again, Joanne has done a great job of editing with this meticulous inspection and, where needed, correction of the text. This represents a significant improvement of my work--wonderful. I will call on her again for more editing in the near future. With kind regards, Daniel”
Daniel Reston, USA
“Very quick turn around time.”
Jonathan New York, USA
“Great editing. I wish you had a service to revise after the author modifies the paper.”
YOU wuhan, China
“I really appreciated Dr. Natasha's thorough work as she has always been. I feel like she really cares about her clients and quality of their work. Thank you, Dr. Natasha!”
Jenna Laramie, USA
“Deadlines were met”
Houcine Paris, France
“The comments by the editor were very helpful.”
Don Montgomery, USA
“The quality of Dr. Natasha's editing is always excellent.”
Jenna Laramie, USA
“I like all things FirstEditing do for me last decades! All editing work performed always fast and gently, price not too low, but also not too high, comments are mostly clear and constructive etc. I prefer just your company among many others similar ones.”
Leonid Chapel Hill, USA
“The personal communication cost and guarantee were great.”
Caroline Bonaire, USA
“Great fluent English style and the professional treatment of a scientific context was good!”
Franz Aigues Mortes, France
“Personal communication and promptness”
Taufique Dhaka, Bangladesh
“Free sample, quality, professionalism, personal communication, deadlines, guarantee ”
I Glasgow, United Kingdom
“I want to thank Dr. Natasha again for her edits with high standards English and useful suggestions.”
Chunxia Eastvale, USA
“I really like Dr. Natasha's edits and comments. The editing reflects high standards of American English and is very thorough and highly helpful. I hope I could continue having her editing my research paper in the future.”
Chunxia Eastvale, USA
“Free sample Quality deadlines guarantee”
Inayat Nanjing, China
“The balance between quality and price is the most important positive point of First editing.”
Alireza Tehran, Iran
“I like a lot the editing jobs. It has very high quality of editing. The personal communication is great and the staff members are very friendly.”
I Glasgow, United Kingdom
“Professionalism of your staff Quality of editor”
Jean Rock Island, USA
“As with her previous work, the editing that Joanne provided this time is excellent, very detailed, accurate and with full explanation of changes recommended. More to come. Daniel”
Daniel Reston, USA
“In addition to the efficiency of service and prompt delivery of the edited manuscript, the quality of work by Joanne is excellent, very detailed, professional and accurate. Thank you.”
Daniel Reston, USA
“I liked the free sample and the quality of the line editing in terms of grammar. This was excellent and a great deal of attention was paid to grammar.”
Elizabeth New York, USA
“When you work with FirstEditing, you work with a team: you, the writer; your editor, and your editing consultant who works as a valuable line of communication between you and your editor to help you achieve a well-edited and fully-edited document.”
Dennis Gearhart, USA
“The editor did a great job!”
Niccolo Amsterdam, Netherlands
“cost and deadlines”
David Barcelona, Spain
“A very easy quote and submission process.”
Theodore Lansing, USA
“Dear Nick, Thank you very much for your excellent job! As usually, everything looks very good! Best regards, Leonid”
Leonid Chapel Hill, USA
“Deadlines are always at the right time. I am very satisfied by the quality of the work, especially from Dr Natasha. The whole team is very friendly and has nice communications.”
I Glasgow, United Kingdom
“Quick and good changes. We are working in three different thesis and we need a lot of reviews for journal and conference publication. ”
David Barcelona, Spain
“The speed of work was satisfactory and deadlines were perfectly accurate. The work was really professional.”
Sara New Cairo, Egypt
“ has top-of-the-line editors. When my editor is not available to help me out with a project, I have the utmost confidence that the editor they will assign to me will help me in an equally stellar fashion.”
Dennis Gearhart, USA
“Thank you very much for this great! job of editing. You have certainly elevated the style and language of the manuscript! All! your comments have been inspiring and very helpful. It really gave me confidence to go on with my articles. Thank´s a lot!! ”
Luisa 40625 Düsseldorf, Germany
“I like the quality of the editing services and professionalism. Nick also finishes work in a timely manner and even faster. Thank you!!”
Chunxia Eastvale, USA
“I have been using your editing service in the last six years. First time when I was PhD student and I am still using it. I have tried other editors but I found that you are the best.”
Abdurahman Edmonton, Canada
“I am so satisfied to deal with FirstEditing, the editor (Max) was really professional, he improved the quality of my manuscript and gave some important comments, the work was delivered before the deadline! The price is reasonable comparing the international market. Thank you Max and thank you FirstEditing”
Abdul Nepean, Canada
“I am always extremely impressed with my editor's attention to detail.”
Dennis Gearhart, USA
“I personally have a fantastic experience with Natasha who is the best! She edited my work super fast, she cares about all the details, and she is very professional. I recommend FirstEditing!”
Silvia Buenos Aires, Argentina
“Michael did a wonderful job in an efficienct manner, as always! ”
Guang-Zhen University of Macau, Macao
“Deadline and quick turnaround.”
Christopher White Plains, USA
“I see my primary editor, Max, as a bridge builder for written ideas and thoughts; fostering proper communication channels that yield the intended results between the authors and a targeted community of readers. My research work has been given the needed impetus for academic precision which was earlier lacking before the ...”
Daniel Jos, Nigeria
“I am really happy with Dr. Natasha's work. I know it was difficult to edit my text but it is absolutely perfect. Thanks JM”
Joseph Copenhagen, Denmark
“As other times, without any problem.”
David Barcelona, Spain
“I liked the fluent English style and the rich vocabulary. After a first satisfying edition, I wanted to continue due to the professionalism.”
Franz Aigues Mortes, France
“My editor did a great job editing my work. It reads much clearer. Thank you for your excellent service!!”
Julie Fort Collins, USA
“Dear Nick, Thank you so much for your great job! Best regards in all your endeavors, Leonid”
Leonid Chapel Hill, USA
“I appreciate Dr. Natasha's good work within such a short time. The manuscript has been substantially improved. Many thanks to Dr. Natasha.”
Yimin Guangzhou, China
“Dear Dr. Natasha, Many thanks for your great help and your excellent job. Best wishes, Rock”
fill Baoding, USA
“Thank you Christine.”
Fatimah Doha, Qatar
“Great service at a great price”
Robert Thibodaux, USA
“Dr. Natasha has done a perfect job. Thanks”
Joseph Hvidovre, Denmark
“Thank you so much for your high sense of professionalism. I did receive the edited document. Please accept my sincere thanks and please forward my special words of gratitude to Christine who, as usual, edited my work to perfection.”
MOUNIR Muscat, Oman
“Hi, thank you so much! I received the work and I am super happy with the job done by Dr. Natasha. She is truly involved in offering a high-quality job! Best Silvia ”
Silvia Buenos Aires, Argentina
“Quick return time. Some work can take as little as 24 hours! The price is really competitive. I did a simple online search, this is the most affordable editing service. My grant proposal was approved and I received grant funding after the edited proposal was submitted. ”
hu Ellicott city, USA
“I am enjoying Max and his work. He is getting used to my articles and he makes them flow very well. The turnaround is good and I feel secure using your services because of Max and the timeliness. ”
James Portland, USA
“FirstEditing provides an extremely valuable service that enhances my chances of getting published in a very competitive environment. Thank you for existing. Best, Hugo Faria”
Hugo Miami, USA
“I am delighted with your work. The part I enjoyed the most was Dr. Joe's comments. His piece of advice was really professional and encouraged me to keep on writing. The free sample edit is a fantastic idea. I am already recommending your services.”
Elena Colmenar Viejo, Spain
“Great job, keep it up. Thank you Hugo”
Hugo Miami, USA
“Thank you very much - I'm very pleased with your work and definitely will use you again.”
Janet Richmond Hill, USA
“The service felt very personal, professional and with a quick turn around. This is my second paper that has been edited by FirstEditing. My native tongue is Spanish and being in the academic publishing business, having a paper in well-written English helps enormously since the goal is to get published in ...”
Hugo Miami, USA
“Dear Sir/Ma'am, I received the document file you have delivered yesterday. Thanks to your wonderful support, my research paper improved. This is my first order to you and I am deeply satisfied with your work. Thank you again and I hope I can ask your help next time, too.”
Yuko Tokyo, Japan
“Great work, Dr. Natasha!”
Ryan Tampa, USA
“Dr. Jennifer is, in my opinion, one of the best copy-editors I've known. She always gives me great revisions that improve my writing. I definitely recommend her work.”
Jose San Juan, USA
“My editor, Dr. Jennifer, as always did an outstanding job. I felt she really understood the paper intended for a journal, and I appreciated the time and care she placed into the manuscript.”
Dennis Gearhart, USA
“Superfast and even more embracing than what I've ordered!”
Dorina St.Gallen, Switzerland
“Dear Nick, Thank you so much for your brilliant work! Best regards, Leonid”
Leonid Chapel Hill, USA
“Dear Madam/Sir Thank you and I am pleased with the editing of my document! Aida”
Aida Ingleburn, Wales
“The work was done in timely manner. Thank you so much!”
Bahae Normal, USA
“Greetings Dr. Natasha: Thank you for taking the time during this Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend, to review my proposal and deliver a positive feedback within the time allotted. I do appreciate your honesty and integrity, with the information you provided, and changes you suggested. I will discuss your product with my Mentor ...”
John Garden City, USA
“Great service! Virginia, my editor, did an excellent job considering the fact that I asked for ASAP editing. Within less than 24 hours I received my document back with comments that really improved my text. Most recommended! Itay”
Itay Ikeda, Japan
“I asked for two-day rush service and got it back after one day. That gave me some extra time to meet my deadline.”
Arne Hafrsfjord, Norway
“Fast service. Good feedback.”
Carla Chelsea, Canada
“.Timely .Professional, costs/prices, deadlines were met .English language corrections were perfection ”
hu Ellicott city, USA
“I have been working with your company for a while now. The services that I received were excellent to date. I will continue to work with you. Thanks.”
mambo Grand Rapids, USA
“I liked how the editor edits the work in a professional way and in a timely manner. I hired you because of your professionalism, prices, and high quality of work. I achieved a better document for school projects and a more professional application while applying to college.”
MANSHU toronto, Canada
“Efficient. Quick price quote, free sample. No other company would give a free sample. Price for grammar edit I would have liked a bit cheaper (like the black Friday coupon which I just missed because the time frame was so short when I received it)”
Aneesa London, United Kingdom
“I am never disappointed with the FirstEditing's services! My editor, Dr. Natasha, always does a fantastic job! I will definitely come back for more services.”
Fatimah Doha, Qatar
“The editing is thorough and the turn-around is short. Great job! Thank you.”
Chunxia Eastvale, USA
“I appreciate that FirstEditing allows their customers to choose their editors. It is great to work with an editor who is familiar with your writings. Thank you FirstEditing!”
Fatimah Doha, Qatar
“I liked the easy and still professional help I got from As Swiss, I know English quite well, but there are always special styles in journalism that a professional editor knows better. My inquiry was answered fast and I got my work done within very short time. My article on ...”
Dieter Frauenfeld, Switzerland
“Dear Sir or Madam, Yes, I received your work yesterday and it look very well! This happens always since I began to with your company. Thank you so much for your job!”
Leonid Chapel Hill, USA
“My personal editor, Dr. Natasha, always does a fantastic editing job! I have learned a lot from her editing and improved my writing skills. Thank you FirstEditing!”
Fatimah Doha, Qatar
“I am so happy with my editor, Dr. Natasha's, work. Always high quality and very prompt editing time. I definitely have loyalty to Dr. Natasha. Thanks a lot!”
Qing Shanghai, China
“This was my second time to use FirstEditing and I am very happy with the quality of the work and the turn-around time for getting the revision back. I just used the standard level 1 service, but am interested in getting higher level service later.”
Junguk Grand Forks, USA
“Jennifer is such a great editor. She provided me with excellent remarks and details, putting the same enthusiasm not just at the beginning of my paper but at each part. I'm very satisfied with her services.”
Jose San Juan, USA
“The think that I most appreciate the quickness and kindness. Price is very important also. ”
Silvia Buenos Aires, Argentina
“Natasha went above and beyond and added useful feedback. I hired an editor for my PhD coursework. ”
christine belfair, USA
“The editing services were completed very timely and the edits were very concise. They were just what was needed to take my manuscript to the level I wanted it. Thanks Michael. I love this service.”
Alex Brenham, USA
“I am quite happy with the work you delivered. I wouldn't mind if the editor would change my sentence structure or the choice of words that I use to make it clearer and more precise as long as the meaning doesn't change.”
Nik Ruzni Kuantan, Malaysia
“Dr Natasha did extremely well on my manuscript, who always show me some optional expression if some sentences are difficult to follow.”
fill Baoding, USA
“Timley review. Excellant. Please make the price bit more less for regular clients like me.”
Rajasekharan Thiruvananthapuram, India
“Absolute professional editing services. Faster than I was expected. I love professionalism and FirstEditing is the best illustration for something like this! After level 3 editing I feel proud of my article and can be easily comprehended by anyone! THANK YOU!”
Nikos Sydney, Australia
“ editors are highly skilled and can help even the most experienced authors with superior content review and superior editing. An author or researcher at time will benefit from both. Content review allows a second pair of eyes to examine an entire paper or a section of the paper to ...”
Dennis Gearhart, USA
“I hired your service, because of free sample quality and the discount which you offered. I achieved from the editing provided that the work has become more clear and acceptable. I hope to send you new works in near future.”
Mahmoud Ismailia, Egypt
“I like the way my personal editor improved the article's flow. I like the attention to detail of the team at first and the way the final product appears. I selected because of the confidence I have with the edits, as well as the rates. As a result, ...”
David toronto, Canada
“Thank you for correcting your billing mistake and doing the job for free.”
Jack Charlotte, USA
“Thanks all of you.”
Naji Layla, Al Aflaj, Saudi Arabia
“Thorough job of editing, high caliber work at a moment's notice.”
Dennis Gearhart, USA
“Thanks to Dr. Natasha, the paper looks great!”
Manfred Hart bei Graz, Austria
“I received the edited document. Please, let Dr. Natasha know that I am very, very pleased with her work, and I appreciated the care she always gives my papers. With kind regards, Silvia”
Silvia Buenos Aires, Argentina
“I received the edited document and I very much appreciate Dr. Natasha's excellent editing work! Qing”
Qing Shanghai, China
“Hi, I would like to send you my regards and appreciation for your work. Thank you so much. I will continue to work with you in the future for more of my papers. Thanks again, Wathiq Al-Yaseen.”
Wathiq Selangor, Malaysia
“What I like most is the speed of the editing service. The editor communicates well with the clients and always ask about the exact meaning whenever the text is confusing. The price is good when you afford the expenses by yourself. Another important point is that you can use your ...”
Consuelo Belo Horizonte, Brazil
“My editor provided me excellent professional editing services I 've ever received. I am very satisfied with the professionalism and personal communication. Costs/prices is reasonable. Very prompt mission accomplished. The editing services help me published our paper in journals ie JCB.”
Qing Shanghai, China
“This particular personal editor I have used twice. She truly understands my style of professional writing. I've had the first paper published in a journal and now await the second for publication.”
Mary Memphis, USA
“Dear Customer Service, I received the edited document and I am very glad to have the paper edited super super quick! I sincerely appreciate the work of Natasha and am happy to work with her. With kind regards silvia”
Silvia Buenos Aires, Argentina
“Although the overall quality of editing varies by editors, my last manuscript with Natasha was superb! She surely showed that I can invest my resource on her service.”
Jean Rock Island, USA
“The editor caught APA errors I had over looked and even asked a well placed question about a passage. The work was returned sooner than promised. Thank you”
Leah East Fallowfield, USA
“Punctual and quality; Easy and quick to get quotation that can be committed without bargaining hassle and easy to submit. Professionalism, personal communication, Specific Grammar correction Submitted the paper to be considered for publication”
Edwin Hong Kong, Hong Kong
“Speed and punctual Deadlines, guarantee Improvement to Grammar ”
Edwin Hong Kong, Hong Kong
“The journal asked me for editing the paper. It seems reviewers have accepted the paper but they asked for paper editing. I found FirstEditing via the web. The service was good. The sample editing was the main reason I choose your service. I have used other professional services from other ...”
Neda los gatos, USA
“FirstEditing has great editors. Extremely conscientious, willing to take on my most complex of manuscripts at a moment's notice with high quality results every time.”
Dennis Gearhart, USA
“My first time to work w/ Dr. Katharine. I think I prefer her (vs. Natasha) attention to detail and APA expertise, as well as her technical comments (I used almost all of her suggestions) about the content, flow, and organization of my journal article. Miles Matise, PhD”
Miles fort walton beach, USA
David Barcelona, Spain
“The Editor who I deal with is very supportive and provide me a good job. I am happy to continue with her.”
I Glasgow, United Kingdom
“1.- The most important thing for me was the comments and suggestions.”
GUSTAVO Mexico City, Mexico
“Sometimes your editor at editor is simply not available. Yet, you must remember that has other editors completely capable of editing your manuscript with the same high degree of expertise. Discuss what you require with the staff. They will always go the extra mile for ...”
Dennis Gearhart, USA
“I have been using the editing service for quite a number of times. I am always impressed by not only the timely service but also the quality of editing. FirstEditing has never disappointed me!”
Fatimah Doha, Qatar
“It is very helpful for our work. I am happy to continue with your service.”
I Glasgow, United Kingdom
Arumugam singapore, Singapore
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I Glasgow, United Kingdom
“Katherine was an excellent editor for this article. She didn't over-edit nor under-edit. She found the typos and pointed out the lapses in house-style provided by the publisher. It was greatly appreciated. Katherine understood the content of the article. I liked her style. I hire an editor to get ...”
M G Baltimore, USA
“Dr Natasha provides me a very professional editing of my manuscript.”
fill Baoding, USA
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fill Baoding, USA
“Editing economics and mathematics embedded in each other is an extremely difficult task what the editor managed perfectly.”
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“I found you through the Internet. Medical journals require perfect English; therefore, I need to learn if my manuscripts have gramatical mistakes since I am not a native English speaker.”
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I Glasgow, United Kingdom
“Dear Nick, Thanks for the edit! It's always fascinating to see, after staring at something for such a long time, the things you missed! : ) Take care and do look into your family history! Regards, ”
Martin L Doha, Qatar
“After I tried the free sample from first editing, I feel the editor revised version is much more better than the original one. I had a journal article accepted so the editing work is essential for me. However, English is not my first language, so both the consistency of the ...”
“I am happy to work with your service.”
I Glasgow, United Kingdom
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Fatimah Doha, Qatar
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Leonid Chapel Hill, USA
“I am happy to work with this service.”
I Glasgow, United Kingdom
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“Dr. Natasha is an excellent editor.”
Jia-Shen Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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Silvia Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Fatimah Doha, Qatar
“One of the biggest keys to working with my editor at FirstEditing is for me to listen to what my editor is trying to communicate to me about a specific issue in my manuscript. My editor understands what I want in my writing, and my editor helps me to get ...”
Dennis Gearhart, USA
“The speed of the work was great!”
Mohammed Albaha, Saudi Arabia
“I'm a film director and we shot a documentary interview in Arabic & translated it to english. My brother told me about your website to review our translated text. I submitted my document and the review was great. It helped me a lot. So thank you so much for your ...”
aref Dubai, United Arab Emirates
“Thank you for your comments, Christine. I will read your edits and follow your recommendations regarding the first half of my paper. I am sure I will use you again!:-) Denise”
Denise University Park, USA
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Fatimah Doha, Qatar
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“Very easy to understand and helpful hints. Just starting on my dissertation and really appreciate the feedback.”
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“Dear Editor, Thanks very much for your thorough edits and comments. I am very happy with the quality of work you delivered, and look forward to our collaborations in future. Best,”
Adrienne New York, USA
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“It appears that my editor is a professional editor, who is familiar with the subject area. I enjoyed reading the edited work, and it makes me feel well, but also to see how good it is to have some professionals to look at the prepared projects. Pro-reader adjust the idea ...”
Sardar Leicester, United Kingdom
“I am comfortable with the service offered to me. However I feel that the period of one month usually is not sufficient to receive corrections from reviewers. I would suggest extending this period for possible revision.”
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P Green Bay, USA
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Dennis Gearhart, USA
“All review and process quick and with high quality”
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Jinting bei jing, China
“The editing was done professionally, quickly, with acceptable pricing.”
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Cynthia Puerto Madryn, Argentina
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MOUNIR Muscat, Oman
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Yuichi Tokyo, Japan
“Thank you very much for completing the editing work in four days..I liked the editing work. Sincerely,”
Muhammad Davenport, USA
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Shamini Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
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“I chose your company because of the free sample quality. My challenge was mostly related to grammatical problems and also flow of thoughts. My editor was very helpful.”
Mahmood Fort worth, USA
“1. Why do I work with First Editing? 1.1 Highly consistent and thorough editing of my manuscripts. 2. What do I achieve/gain from editing? 2.1 A trusted read through and editing of my manuscripts as a second set of expert eyes focused on editing. 3. Thorough editing is essential ...”
Dennis Gearhart, USA
“Editor Katharine is very scrupulous for this work. Thank her very much! Purely by accident, I hired Katharine as the editor, very done! ”
Lei Shanghai, China
Antoinette SAN DIEGO, USA
“Dr. Natasha Ma'am, thank you very much for the job well done! Sure, you will be my best choice of editing all through my dissertation process and also a book that I am going to write. Thank you dear and have a wonderful weekend! Zina Karimi”
Zina Houston, USA
“High quality editing.”
Dennis Gearhart, USA
“Dear Dr. Natasha: I don't know how to express my gratitude for your help and effort! Your comments and suggestions have great contribution to my project, and I must take it. I am grateful very very very much! Thank you once again!! Best regards,”
Yi-Chuan Kaohsiung City, USA
“The standard FirstEditing service is quick and of good quality. It always helps to reduce errors and to support your chance of publication.”
Vera Cologne, Germany
“I have used their service for the past 5 years and I have never been disappointed with their final product”
Antoinette SAN DIEGO, USA
“My Editor - Peter - edited my manuscript for scientific journal twice and twice I was very glad by his job! I agreed with a most of his comments and corrected the text with accordance with them. However, I saw also that some of Peter's suggestions could change a sense of ...”
Leonid Chapel Hill, USA
“I like the grammar correction, especially the sentence structure that the editor has done to my paper. ”
Xiaofeng Tolland, USA
“Speedy and helpful. I was confused about my order at first but I received confirmation and a clear outline of the procedure within the same day I asked for it. As a university professor, its not always easy to understand what writers are trying to do, but ...”
Avis Angier, USA
“The professional editor tried to understand the Why did you hire us? professionalism What did you achieve / gain from editing? What was your specific challenge before editing? research paper”
Sergi Barcelona, Spain
“Published numerous articles with your help and currently working on a book”
mambo Grand Rapids, USA
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Doreen Bonn, Germany
“Thanks for your effort. I am sure my student will find it useful for him. Best regards, ”
I Glasgow, United Kingdom
“Thank you for the quality work you have done. Please send my regards and gratitude to your team and to Christine who edited my paper to perfection. Mounir Ben Zid”
MOUNIR Muscat, Oman
“Editor handle and reply a finished work very fast!”
sirichai Phayathai, Thailand
“Many thanks to all of you and special thanks to Vonda the editor for the quality editing and for improving my paper. I will certainly get back to you in about 2 weeks with 2 more papers for editing. Best regards, Mounir”
MOUNIR Muscat, Oman
Regina Louisville, USA
“Thank you very much for your excellent and timely service in editing my draft. So well done indeed that I must come back to you when having another piece in English for proofreading and polish. I shall gratefully mention your name, along with the referees and editors, in the Acknowledgement ...”
Guang-Zhen University of Macau, Macao
“Dear Dr. Natasha Thank you so much for your perfect and fast work , I'm really appreciate that I knew that your editing will be valuable and make my paper more concrete and powerful. I would like to thank you once again for providing the highest standard of editing.”
Younis Benghazi, Libya
“Thank you very much for an excellent editing job, I think your work has greatly improved on our paper. I have just resubmitted it to the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, so fingers crossed! I'm very pleased with the result, so I will certainly make use of your ...”
Stefaan Deinze, Belgium
“Thank you very much for the good work. I appreciate it. Greetings Rita”
Rita Bloemforntein, South Africa
“Thank you for the edit. Great job!! Kind regards, Liz”
Elizabeth Darwell, Canada
“Katharine, I will hire you again. So wonderful that you are an engineer as well as executive editor. You know the landscape, and that is key.”
Irving White Plains, USA
“Dear Sir/madam Thank you for your email, I really appreciate the work done by Dr. Natasha. I am a customer since years ago and I really refer many of my colleagues to your website. Thank you for your work, your sincerely. Younis ”
Younis Benghazi, Libya
“Thank you for your excellent, quick service! It is a pleasure having a consistent helpful editor to work with. I will be working on my dissertation in the next few months and will use this service quite a bit! I am very excited about this service and it is ...”
Jessica , USA
“ I am very pleased with all the changes you have made in my document, and I really appreciate you going over all the small details. I can see how you took great care in editing my paper, and I learned a lot from your comments. I wasn't so pleased ...”
Raquel Vancouver, Canada
“Dear Natasha; Thank you for prompt action on my article. I looked at the editted version and I am happy with it. You did a good job straithening the grammer and improving the flow and connectivity. In general, the article looks a lot better after incorporating your edits ...”
Getachew , USA
“Thank you very much for your service. Please say 'thank you' to my editor, Dr. Natasha, as well. I really appreciate all her work and comments. Thank you and have a nice day. Sincerely, Mink I. ”
Mink Toronto, Canada
“I was very satisfied with the FirstEditing job. I am now waiting for the decision of the IRB. One thing I know for sure, I will soon get in touch with you, specifically Dr. Natasha.”
Lincoln Hampton, USA
“Carrie-Ann, Thanks, that is what the doctor ordered. I will be sending you papers in the future, so please turn the tracking off prior to sending it to me. Thank you, Keith”
Keith , USA
“Editor did an excellent job.”
Ioan , Canada
“Hi Marissa I'm very much satisfied with the editing and want to thank you. Your editing is really out of the top drawer. Have a wonderful 2010. Fanie Hermann”
Fanie Taichung City, Taiwan
“Hello FE. I was pleased w/ the outcome, thank you. I thought the editor did a nice job--and I thought the fee reasonable for the value returned. I adopted every suggested edit, except one small word change. I felt the reviewer was very thorough, and made ...”
Erin Des Moines, USA
“Thanks for your editing. The work is well done. I especially appreciate your work in improving the writing while keeping the technical contents untouched. Best regards, Lei (Raymond) Cao ”
Raymond Columbus, USA
“I want to thank Dr Natasha for helping me complete my paper. You made all the difference in the world and you did an outstanding job. I look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks”
Mabelene Walsorf , USA
“I want to thank Dr Natasha for helping me complete my paper. You made all the difference in the world and you did an outstanding job. I look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks”
Mabelene Walsorf , USA
“Dear Michael, Excellent job, Thank you very much. Bart ”
Bart Amsterdam, Netherlands
“Hello Thanks Vonda, and thank you editors for the service. Best Regards Hasibah Mohammad Postgraduate Researcher ”
Hasibah Exeter, United Kingdom
“Thank you very much for the editing service. I am very happy with that. I look forward to being assisted by your service in future. Regards, Yongling ”
YONGLING Adelaide, Australia
“Thank you for your well done editing,am very satisfied. Hope to do more business in the near future!”
Apollos Dallas, USA
“Thank you for taking the time to meet my requests. Alison did a fantastic job editing. I was very pleased with the work she completed. Delfin Merlan ”
Delfin Chula Vista, USA
“Your work are impeccable! Thank you so,so much!!!!! Olai Dabock ”
Apollos Dallas, USA
“THANK YOU!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! I am a HAPPY person today..... I will edit and return for final review in a couple of days!!!!!!! What a difference.. The first edit/feedback read like comments a professor places on a graded paper.... Again.... THANK YOU!!!!!! Michelle ”
M Aurora,, USA
“Thank you for the good work that I have received from your editors up to now, Greetings Rita ”
Rita Bloemforntein, South Africa
“Thank you very much!! Also pass a word of thanks to Michael doing such a good job. Greetings Rita ”
Rita Bloemforntein, South Africa
“Hello Bruce: Thank you very much for your comments. I am very pleased with the results. I am completing a rough draft of the rest of the chapter and I intend to go with your recommendations for the level 3 editing. Thanks for your interest in the subject matter ...”
Catherine Pleasnant Hill, USA
“Thanksyou I will go over it and make the changes. I will be in touch again. This will save me a great deal of time Cheers Roman ”
Roman North Bay, USA
“Dear Editor, Thank you for editing my work. I have pleasure to appreciate your work and I have been impressed by your inputs and thus I will continue to collaborate with you in my works. Sincerely, Robert. ”
Bremen, Germany
“Dear Jenny, Thank you very much for your meticulous and timely editing of our paper. Best regards, Dietmar ”
Dietmar Sankt Gallen, Switzerland
“Pls relay a multitude of thanks to Dr.Natasha for her superb job”
Rimona ramat aviv, Israel
“Dear Dr.Jeff Many Thanks for all what you have done it is great to have some devoted men like you. looking forward to work with you again Kind regards Dr. Quawasmi ”
Samir Amman, Jordan
“Thanks for excellent editing.”
Bharat Cary, USA
“Thank you for the speedy job. We are completely satisfied. Hope to send you new papers in the future Best regards. Manuel E Herrera-Gutierrez UCI Hospital Carlos Haya Málaga ”
Manuel E Malaga, Spain
“Dear DR Jeff It is my pleasure to work with such devoted man to his work &concen about his client ,yes i,am very pleased of the work you have done thank you & the group you work with. i,have submitted the manuscript and let you know the result in time please ...”
Samir Amman, Jordan
“Dear Natasha, Thank you for your excellent proofreading. It was very well done. Best Regards, Jean Thank you for the completion of proofreading of my work. I am pleased with the standard of your work and the friendly attitude of your staff, in particular, Dr Natasha, who did the work, and ...”
Jean Guildford, United Kingdom
“Dear Editor, I wanted to give my personal thanks to Dr. Natasha for her professional editing for this paper. The professional work is not only reflected by her editing style, but it is such a sweet coincidence that this paper falls into her academic background. An excellent job! The reference ...”
Raymond Columbus, USA
“Awesome! There is no way I would catch everything your trained eyes caught. One can get so close to these things that blindness results! I have more work to send your way based on this assignment, so thank you very much! The comments were VERY helpful. I am reminded ...”
Douglas Bergenfield, USA
“Dear Heather Todd: I received my edited documents within the specified timeframe and was pleased with the results. I will definitely consider using you again. Sincerely, Kevin Rooney”
Kevin Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
“Thank your good services. Convey my appreciation to Denise for her editing work on my project report. The professor has commended the improvement of the writing style and the APA rules.”
“Dear Dr. Natasha: Thank you very much for the kind help. I found your edit superb and a great help. I just would like to send my appreciation to you for your time and effort. Certainly, I love to work with you and look forward to working with you in ...”
Surendra Kyoto, USA
“I can say I'm very happy with the service provided by FirstEditing and am very pleased with the work my editor, Toni, did on this project. The story is very personal to me and the professional touches to the writing she did makes a big difference.”
David Niles, USA
“Thank you very much for timely delivery of my document. I am planning for another assignment to be sent to you. Hopefully, I will be able to submit this in the next week. Thank you very much once again, Max. ”
Muhammad Ellesmereport, United Kingdom
“Thank you for your email. I did receive the document which was edited to perfection by Christine. Please forward my sincere thanks to Christine and to the whole team. Thank you, Mounir Ben Zid”
MOUNIR Muscat, Oman
“Dear FirstEditing Team, Thank you all for your high sense of professionalism. Please send my thanks and gratitude to my editor, Christine, for her quality work. Mounir Ben Zid”
MOUNIR Muscat, Oman
“Hello, Thank you for finishing this editing work in a timely manner. I see that, once again, the work is excellent, with many corrections, clarifications and suggestions. Exactly what I am looking for. And Joanne--your comments are much appreciated. Yes, there is more editing work to come. ...”
Daniel Reston, USA
“Hello, Thank you for your quick and outstanding service. I cannot express how happy I am with the work of Dr. Natasha, I feel that she has gone up and beyond in providing me with such a valuable service. I will let you all know as soon as I am ...”
Christine North York, Canada
“I received the edited manuscript, and, as with past cases, Jo Ann did a fabulous job--meticulous, accurate and fully explained. I will certainly call on her again for future work. ”
Daniel Reston, USA
“As usual, Jo Ann's work is excellent, providing detailed comments and corrections that clearly improve the document. I'll be sending more work her way.”
Daniel Reston, USA
“Dear Natasha, Thank you!!! Heartfully!! Thank you!! I find your editing pristine and it is such a great improvement to the general reading. :) Your annotations concerning the impenetrable sentences are truly welcome, as I been often told I have a tendency to write complex and comprehensive sections, but yet, I still ...”
Marta Cologne, Germany
“Dear Natasha, Over the years, I've really come to appreciate the work you do for me. I feel like I can always rely on you and know that your work is of a high quality. Thank you so much, and I look forward to continue working with you. Jenna”
Jenna Laramie, USA
“Just to say thanks to my editor for a good job. Sincerely, Cyates”
Cordelia Oakley, USA
“Hi Heather, Thanks for your help with this. It is exactly what I needed. You taught me a lot of things about writing. My 50 plus page thesis is next. I will look you up in March/April to edit that! Thanks again, Carla ”
Carla Northfield, USA
“Dear Dr. Natasha, Thank you very much the editing and all the advice; I benefited greatly from all of them. Sincerely, Bilin”
Bilin Ankara, Turkey
“Dear editor Thank you for the incredible work that you did. I highly appreciate that. Thanks a lot ”
Abdualrahman Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
“Hello! Thank you very much for your prompt edition. Dr. Natasha's work as always at a high quality, she has made valuable comments and corrections. I'm very satisfied Thank you very much and see you soon. Best regards, Diana”
Diana Valparaiso, Chile
“Thank you for your efforts. ”
Mahmoud Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
“Hi Jefferson, Thank you for your prompt reply. Your editorial work is thorough and excellent. I will definitely use the FirstEditing services in the future and recommend to others. Kind Regards, Arbaiah”
Arbaiah Kota Bharu, Malaysia
“Dear Customer Relations Dept., I am writing to let you know that I got the edited job #138034. I want to express my 100% satisfaction with the job done by to Dr. Natasha. Thank you so much! best silvia”
Silvia Buenos Aires, Argentina
“Dear Dr Natasha, Thank you so much for your kind attention and prompt reply. Once again you did a great job. Have a nice long weekend, AJ Al-Rajab”
Abdul Nepean, Canada
“Dear Heather, dear Natasha Thank you so much! You did a great job! All the best, Ingrid”
Ingrid Urnaesch, Switzerland
“Dear Natasha: Thank you very much for your valuable comments and high cuality edition. As always, you have done an excellent work. Best regards, Diana”
Diana Valparaiso, Chile
“Dear Editors and Customer Service, I confirm that I got the edited project. I sincerely appreciate the amazing job you have done! As always, I am truly happy with Dr. Natasha work. With kind regards, silvia Silvia Sookoian, MD, PhD, FAASLD.”
Silvia Buenos Aires, Argentina
“Thanks for the job well done”
Abdurahman Edmonton, Canada