Our featured published author this week is the author of “The Sag Odyssey of Rawman Ant”. He is a 26-year-old multicultural American, who grew up in Jackson MS, a melting pot to say the least. He is currently in school, studying to become a literary agent so he can build a platform for other writers to benefit from. Storytelling is his passion, whether it’s his poetry or respecting someone else’s work and writing a review.

Writing has been a hobby and love of Chris Simpson since grade school. He always loves that feeling when someone loves and reciprocates what he conjured up in his mind and wrote down, as he says, “it’s truly a magical feeling.”

The Sag Odyssey, an original fantasy following Rawman Ant while he is traveling through space visiting unique planets that the author had created. To understand Rawman Ant’s way, you must know that the longer he occupies a planet the more that he becomes free from the planet’s laws itself ranging from basic gravity to transparencies. Find out what Rawman Ant must do in order to maintain balance on planet Ism by figuring out how to restore planet Ism back to its natural state and replenishing its resources. The main goal of this passage is to help raise one’s awareness of their own self and to enable people to trust and believe in themselves during hard times.

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