Our featured published author this week is the author of “Hush, Child”.

Writing has been a hobby and love of David Halvorsen since grade school. He finds that there’s a freeing aspect to it, where he can create fresh and exhilarating worlds filled with complex characters that soar unfettered.

Halvorsen’s novel packs an emotional wallop. The story is about a ex-con alcoholic named Judah Greer who is, needless to say, down on his luck and, frankly, not living for much at all. That is, until his teenage daughter comes into his life. Watching the two get to know each other is one of the delights of this novel. Judah doesn’t really know how to be a dad yet, and Mara doesn’t know how to relate to her dad – but the dynamic is great and touching. Halvorsen get’s to the heart of the relationship here, and it will hook you from the start.

Learn how David Halvorsen published his book. Discover what it takes for you to become a self-published author.

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