Our featured published author this week is the author of “The Red Canoe.” He first published in 2011 as the author of Clifford Wendell, Daydreamer Extraordinaire. Since then, he has written four more novels, his latest: Memoirs of a Scarecrow, A Summer Mourning is a literary device that captures the confusing coming of age story of Maggie Arneau as she mourns her father’s death.

Two sides of the same legendary story and the same lost treasure of that long-ago war awaken modern-day treasure hunters when new evidence is exposed, lending credibility to family lore. An old red canoe harbors the most important clue, initiating an unfriendly race to find its meaning and expose the prize that awaits.

Discover how to self-publish your book! Listen to Michael share his tips on becoming a successful author. Having published 4 books, Michael has some excellent advice on how you too can succeed!

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