We have partnered with WritePublishSell to bring a great new free webinar:  When, Why, and How to Edit and Then Publish

This is part of a new series “Book Editing, Marketing, and Publishing: A 4-part Series for Authors & Writers” So stay tuned for upcoming sessions.

Join us as we interview Alexa Bigwarfe of WritePublishSell and discuss “When, Why, and How to Edit and Then Publish” part of the “Book Editing, Marketing, and Publishing – Session 1”

Learn how to self-edit and prepare for marketing so you can save time and money in the editing process. Discover what you can do yourself to get the best return on your investment when editing and publishing. Get insights from a professional editor and book publisher as they outline specifically what they need from you to succeed in preparing your book for distribution. This series empowers you to edit, publish, and sell your book effectively.

Learn the Quick Basics

– What an Agent Looks for in Your Book (Reasons Publishers Tell You to Edit)
– When to Start Editing
– Where to Find an Editor
– Who Is Right for Your Book
– Why You Self-Edit First
– Discover 5 Super Important Editing Tips
– How to Submit Your Manuscript or Novel (After Copyediting, Formatting, and Proofreading)

About our guest

Over the last decade, Alexa’s company WritePublishSell.com has helped thousands of authors through their webinars, conferences, coaching, online community, and book marketing services. Her ever-expanding team now serves as experts in the publishing and book marketing world.

Alexa Bigwarfe is passionate about advocating for authors. She helps writers like you make well-informed decisions on the steps needed to publish and market. She teaches you how to find the right partners and tools in your publishing journey, while providing valuable tips to ensure you can actually market your book.

WritePublishSell offers paid courses, coaching, training, and an online community. Plus, they have tons of free resources to help you succeed as an author.

Visit WritePublishSell: https://writepublishsell.com/

Visit Women in Publishing Summit: https://womeninpublishingsummit.com/


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