JoEllen is the founder of First Editing, a unique and successful professional editing service. They have dominated the online editing marketplace for over a decade and helped over 50,000 authors! With hundreds of successfully published writers, numerous best-selling authors, and thousands of manuscripts self-published by academics and business authorities, JoEllen has inside editing knowledge.

Award-winning entrepreneur, published author, and global business leader

JoEllen Nordström is First Editing’s Chief Word Wizard and the host of the Publishing Power Podcast. A fellow published author and writing enthusiast, JoEllen co-authored her first two books as an authorpreneur in 2005. Since then she has led her army of editors at First Editing to assist over 50,000 authors worldwide. She is passionate about helping others successfully publish!

Recognized as a progressive leader by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), JoEllen is an elite National Pioneer Award Winner and a successful entrepreneur.

JoEllen loves simplifying the editing and publishing process for authors using tools and technology. Working full time in the editing and writing field since 2006, her vision encapsulates simplifying each writer’s journey by implementing a systematic approach to the process.

As a fellow investor and partner in Fictionary, JoEllen combines the Certified Story Coach program with her entire professional editing team at First Editing. Together they are revolutionizing traditional developmental fiction editing. Uniting high-tech writing tools with personal developmental editorial services, Fictionary and First Editing are transforming writers into storytellers!

As a digital nomad for the past two decades, JoEllen can be found with her roaming family somewhere between Sweden, Costa Rica, and the Canary Islands. She loves swimming, sailing, surfing, skiing, diving, hunting mushrooms, playing saxophone, learning Japanese TaiKo drums, juggling, throat singing, and stumbling through beginner tap dance classes in her forties. She’s an international award-winning auctioneer, charity fundraiser, motivational speaker, Lifestyle Tribe co-founder, and circumnavigator of the globe who avoids eating wheat and milk so she can live forever.

You can reach JoEllen (Taylor) Nordström on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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