Lee Ann spends her days correcting grammar, catching plot inconsistencies, and catering to her dogs and cats. By night she teaches ballroom dancing, mostly to wedding couples preparing for their first dance as husband and wife.

Your manuscript will benefit from Lee Ann’s 20+ years in the corporate world correcting nearly everything coming out of the CEO’s office. Additionally, her Bible studies will help your Christian writing get your message out to the world. She is fluent in the Chicago Manual of Style, the SBL Handbook of Style (Society of Biblical Literature), as well as APA and MLA. Lee Ann’s motto is: “Making the world a better place one correctly formatted citation at a time.”

Whether you’re using American English or British/Canadian/Australian/Irish English, your writing is in good hands with Lee Ann. Her hundreds of published authors hail from countries including the USA, the UK, Romania, Ireland, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand. Some are native English speakers, and some ESL.

Let Lee Ann help you present your best self to the world and fulfill your dream of being published!

Latest Projects and Reviews

“The editing comments from Lee Ann were very helpful so that my next story can go more smoothly. Lee Ann focused on the scenes that I suspected had issues and listed where she sourced her usage rules from. Lee Ann also cited sources for grammar rules and conventions that I can refer ...”
Frank Yonkers, USA
“Free sample, helpful comments”
John San Antonio, USA
“I enjoyed a good product but also my editors comments that encouerged m.”
Jim Columbus, USA
“The helpful advice was very useful”
“What a great experience! Lee Ann was wonderful to work with. Very professional. Good quality for the speedy service. Awesome!”
David Starkville, USA
“Her notes on the side were helpful for me in the future. I also liked her thoughts as she was reading it.”
ANNEMARIE Broad Channel, USA