Dr. Vonda is a seasoned editing pro, stretching all the way back to her undergrad days, when classmates would ask her to proof their papers.

You benefit from her 10 years as a college instructor (history and geography) and administrator (Academic Support—lots of editing!) and over four years as a journalist, during which time she proofread and edited other reporters’ stories and the pages as they were laid out, wrote a weekly column and won an AP award for non-deadline reporting.

Dr. Vonda’s undergrad and graduate degrees are in history and her Ph.D. is in geography.  Her editing skills run the gamut from children’s books to technical papers.

As a state and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator and president of a small nonprofit wildlife rehab center, when she’s not editing Dr. Vonda is engaged in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of North American native wildlife.

Latest Projects and Reviews

20 Sep

“I appreciated the free sample, quality, professionalism, personal communication, deadlines, guarantee.”
Eman yanbu, Egypt

18 Sep

“I appreciated the free sample because I wanted the editor to keep my voice throughout the manuscript. The editor was terrific and I appreciated all of her corrections. She provided consistency and clarity to my manuscript. I look forward to having Dr. Vonda edit my second book.”
Julia Aventura, USA

15 Sep

“Pure Professionalism!”
Aloysius Westlake, Australia

11 Sep

“Quality of work!”
Kon Ottawa, Canada

6 Sep

“The cost and followup were good.”
Douglas Lititz, USA

6 Sep

“The prices were great! Finding an editor is so expensive. The deadlines were fair and quickly delivered to my email. I enjoyed the people who I spoke to and so quick to reply to my emails. They were kind, patient and understood the stress of an author. I really thank ...”
Jennifer OCALA, USA