When an editor and author or writer is designing a story, it is best to consider the story arc. The story arc is essential in creating a story, most successfully published books have all followed the story arc. 

In this episode, we will be discussing an important key scene in a story arc which is the Inciting Incident with Kristina Stanley of Fictionary. An author must know and be able to identify his/her inciting incident and must find ways to figure it out since it keeps the readers involve in the story that they are reading.

Listen to this episode of the Story Arc Series and learn more about the Inciting Incident and its importance in a story. 


[00:17] What is a story arc and why is it important

[01:18] Inciting Incident: What is it all about and its importance

[02:30] Example of an Inciting Incident in Gonegirl and Twilight

[04:40] How can you identify an inciting incident