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We have had over 50,000 authors who we helped over the last 25 years. We give one-on-one personal assistance, we have about an 80% return rate with all of our research editors, which shows again that they trust the academic editors that they’re working with because they can provide the insight and neutral evaluation that they require when submitting to the different journals.

If you are still trying to figure out your next step, trying to get your initial publication, or if you’ve done publishing many, many times, we’re here to help you throughout the way. And of course, we have subject matter experts who can help you in every step.

We can do everything for your journal publication in both hard and soft sciences. So reach out to us if you’d like a free editing sample, we’ll be glad to provide that for you. You do get an instant price quote and our prices are firm. We’re so glad you came here and we look forward to speaking with you.

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First Editing has a professional editing TEAM assigned to thoroughly review, edit, and improve your text to PERFECTION. You get personal service and professional results every time – guaranteed!

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