Selling through retail stores is much the same as selling through bookstores. Publishers need a distribution partner, books are sold off the shelf and unsold book are returned for credit. Sale to non0reetail buyers in corporations, associations, military and the academic segment are not for resale, but for use as premiums and ad specialties. Sales are generally in large quantities, and for that reason can take a year or more to close. Books are sold on a non-returnable basis and the buyers pay shipping charges in many cases.

Brian gives you tips and instructions for selling books through non-bookstore retailers such as supermarkets, discount stores and airport stores, as well as making large, non-returnable sales to non-retail buyers in corporations, associations, schools and the military.

In this podcast, you will also learn how to make large, profitable sales to non-bookstore buyers and that there is a large, profitable opportunity for selling books to non-bookstore buyers.

Get to know our Publishing Power Guest Speaker, Brian Jud!