In this episode, Hayley Milliman the content lead for ProWritingAid joins JoEllen Nordstrom and they’re going to talk about Show, Don’t Tell.

ProWritingAid, which we love and partner with so much because they have a fantastic online platform that helps you to become a better writer and they teach you so much it’s not just improving your work but you really get to learn and it’s fantastic, its grammar guru style editor and of course it’s just a copywriting all in one package it’s like a writing mentor there. So, they have reports and different tools that we use every day with all editors as professional editors too.

Learn what Show, Don’t Tell means, and how it will help you to become a better self-editor so that you can improve your writing skills now.


[01:20] What does Show, Don’t tell means?

[01:52] The Goal of Show, Don’t tell 

[03:25] How does it affect the reader’s experience?

[06:33] Keeping my reader engaged: To be Verbs

[07:07] Keeping my reader engaged: Camera Test

[08:39] Keeping my reader engaged: Settings

[09:54] How significant are sensory reports?

[11:58] Keeping my reader engaged: Weather

[12:52] How can ProWriting Aid help you in your writing?