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  • Recommended for an IN-DEPTH Content Edit to better organize and polish your writing
  • Necessary level of HELP REQUIRED when your writing has extensive issues with English grammar, comprehension, clarity, or structure
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StoryCoach Editing

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Order a StoryCoach Edit to achieve confidence that your story is strong. Get the most COMPREHENSIVE EDIT available. Extensive feedback!

  • Recommended for Coaching & FEEDBACK. Get an in-depth Development Edit to better structure and develop your story.
  • Necessaryfor REVISING, organizing and presenting your narrative. Get assistance with content editing and an extensive assessment of your plot.

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Our latest reviews

I appreciate the editing which caught several questions of why or made me support my research. It was a very helpful and professional editorial review.
Whitehouse, Texas, USA
The coaching of my editor Joanne and her direct observations. I have learned a lot regarding American English grammar, spelling, and especially content rewriting.
Upplands Vasby, Sweden
I appreciated sending in a sample and finding out what type of editing I needed. I learned a lot from the editor that I can use in the future. The personal communication was also encouraging.
Knoxville, USA
The customer support was excellent and the turnaround time was fast. Dr. Vonda completed the editing to my satisfaction. Cost was reasonable compared to other editing services. Dr. Vonda provided many consoling comments.
Walkersville, USA
I enjoy and admire how Jefferson understood my needs, elevated the quality of my work and got the patience to put his magic into my manuscript. Without Jefferson, my book wouldn't be signed with a publisher. Always thankful to him and this company for making this dream come true.
Panama, Panama
Hello Max: Thank you for doing great and wonderful editing. I am well pleased with your generosity and kindness in seeing that my book meets all the required standards and the needed comprehension.
Jos, Nigeria
I was extremely impressed with the promptness and responsiveness of FirstEditing. The firm met its deadline handily and I believe the quality of the work was first rate. I especially liked the explanatory notes made by my editor, the estimable Jefferson, to both educate me on suggestions made and to simply make comments on the work. I actually am looking forward to using this service again.
Bloomfield Hills, USA
I loved the price compared to other services. This was less expensive and you got more bang for your buck. The deadlines given were followed and my editor, Dr. Vonda, was very helpful. She talked to me in layman's terms and was a pleasure to work with.
Quakertown, USA
When I was looking for professional editing services to help with my first book, I mainly considered affordability and professionalism. I found several big editors. But with First Editing, I found what I was looking for. The personal communication and the detailed overview of my work really helped after submitting my first sample. So I didn't consider any other option.
Budapest, Hungary
Since this was my first attempt at authoring a Science Fiction novel, it was a real education. I found the services very helpful, the instructions very adequate, and my editor/proofreader feedback very relevant and helpful.
Lake Zurich, USA
I appreciated the free sample because I wanted the editor to keep my voice throughout the manuscript. The editor was terrific and I appreciated all of her corrections. She provided consistency and clarity to my manuscript. I look forward to having Dr. Vonda edit my second book.
Aventura, USA
I really enjoyed working with my editor (Lee Ann) as she provided me with insights and personal feedback on top of the excellent editing.
North York, Canada
The level of professionalism displayed by all the members of staff that I interacted with was quite unexpected, it was off the charts.
plano, USA
I liked the whole service. In the beginning I was particularly encouraged by the possibility to test it through a sample and the presence of a guarantee. During the editing, I had a chance to appreciate the professionalism of Jefferson, the quality of his editing, and his courtesy and availability.
Florence, Italy
The speedy service was very appreciated.
San Diego, USA
I decided on engaging FirstEditing to help edit my work for epublishing because they are patient and answered all my queries satisfactorily. I also like their free sample editing which enables me to assess their work before committing. Editing corrected common errors and ensure that the final piece of writing is suitable for publishing. I would like to thank FirstEditing for helping me to publish my work.
Eng Cheng
Singapore, Singapore
I love the work that provides and have zero complaints.
elgin, USA
I am a fairly accomplished writer, having published a variety of works over a period of three decades. Having been an editor of a statewide magazine for five years, the editor of my college literary magazine, and copy editor of my college newspaper. In spite of all this, my editor found numerous issues of tense changes, Point of View shifts and any number of other heinous literary offenses. I almost chose to publish without using an editorial service. The review I had from showed just how wrong that decision would have been! I will always use editing services for future novels!!
Winchester Bay, USA
Relationship with editor. Comments were helpful.
Leicestershire, United Kingdom
I have to say that this is the most amazing feedback I've received on a book!! Your critiques and suggestions have given me loads to think about to enhance the story. This is exactly what I need to help improve my story telling and future writings! I regret not finding you sooner. This is my third book and the two previous editors I've used have given me none of the in-depth advice that you've provided. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Chattanooga, USA
The editor asked questions so I can make my story clear for the readers. She checked everything to the minute details. I had a wonderful experience.
Sacramento, USA
Thank you Jefferson, you did it again! Cleaned up my manuscript nice and shining, making sure everything is good to go. And, your quick response in answering any questions I had really helped. I have just published my book Poetry in Nature with confidence, knowing you did a wonderful job. Thank you and for all the work you do, and your superb and friendly customer service. I am so looking forward to working with you all again on my next project. Patsy
Coquitlam, Canada
The customer service was some of the best I have ever experienced. It was extremely responsive to all forms of communication.
Brian Ludwig
New Holland, USA
Jefferson was able to take what he said was already good and condense it into a more readable and less redundant form without losing the voice of the author who wrote it.
El Reno, USA was amazing! Affordable pricing, astounding quality, professional and personal communication. Dr. Vonda provided everything I was looking for in an editor. The deadline was met ahead of time, and any questions or concerns I had were addressed within 24 hours or sooner. I would highly recommend to anyone!
Richfield, USA
The actual editing was excellent. Nothing seemed to much trouble, and there were some issues with my book that were resolved right away. I will be back with the 2nd book in my trilogy . Big thanks to Dr Michael!
High Peak, United Kingdom
I love the "after" and "before" editing sevices that you offer. I never felt for one minute during the process that your company every forgot about me or abandoned me. This sets you above the rest .
Hicksville, USA
The free sample was what I liked the most. I didn't like the free sample because it was free and it seemed like a scam. But, like a lot of first-time authors, I was nervous to let anyone else really look at my work and judge it. With your kind and patient staff, I had no problem opening up and putting my work out there. Turned out it was no problem! Just me overthinking everything! The aftermath from the free sample had really set the tone on how the rest of the project would lay out. On-time as guaranteed and like the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. This resource is worth every penny.
Jackson, USA
I liked most that the cost wasn't extremely high. I've had many books edited and First Editing was actually more affordable than the others I've had. The free sample of my work for them to edit was an extra bonus.
Lockport, USA
Jefferson, as an editor, was a perfect fit for my historical novel. Unlike others I have used, he had done research on the American revolutionary time period. His editing was spot on, as my punctuation is terrible, while leaving my style in place. I will probably use you again for my next novel.
Latrobe, USA
When working on a new literary project, I always entrust my work to Dr. Vonda -- she's the best.
Free sample, quality, genre editors to choose from.
Douglaston, USA
Joanne is an amazing editor very experienced and the customer service at First Editing was brilliant - so helpful!
Essex, United Kingdom
I like how FirstEditing interacts with me, they are very professional, they do what they promised in terms of deadlines, and they offer the best price so far. I am a first-time author, and with the help of FirstEditing editor, I gain the confidence to publish my book.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Free sample page and the professionalism displayed by editor.
Kissimmee, USA
The friendly and helpful comments in the sample and the discount for the full edit was the deal maker. As a first time author, I found the whole process very helpful and encouraging.
Portsmouth, USA
Cost, promptness, and feedback.
quality, professionalism, deadlines
Eden Prairie, USA
I loved the quality and professionalism of First Editing. I am fully assured of the quality of the editing. I also find the prices reasonable.
toronto, Canada
As usual, Vonda did an excellent job. I particularly appreciated her review of the manuscript.
London, United Kingdom
I like the fact that Lee Ann takes a genuine interest in the book and the success of the author. I feel she goes beyond the scope of the purchased work.
The price was good. Deadline excellent!
Silver Spring MD, USA
First Editing was attentive, professional, and they delivered the product on time. My editor (Vonda) provided first rate oversight and even some encouraging words about getting published.
Salt Lake City, USA
I really loved my editor's comments. I felt like she understood my vision and gave excellent feedback about the overall book.
irvine, USA
For me, as a native Russian speaker, quality of your work, editor's professionalism, personal communication and deadlines were on the top level.
Eden Prairie, USA
I must admit that the initial eye grabber was cost. During the time I paid to have my novel edited there was a promotion being offered. However, what has me filling out this quick survey was the professional care that I received from Joanne, my editor. As she read my novel, she didn't ignore glaring errors because I didn't pay for a higher package. Instead she took the time to explain and offer corrections to typos and/or formatting that wasn't initially provided by the editing packaged that I had chosen.
Williamstown, USA
Deadline was met.
Toronto, Canada
Lee Ann did such a great job while working on the fourth book of my vampire miniseries. I really appreciate her suggestions and improvements!
Amsterdam, Netherlands
I really liked the personal service. This is the second book Dr. Vonda has edited for me. I am well pleased with the results. Very professional and it shows in the finished work. Thank you Vonda
Hi Heather: Yes, I got the document, and I could not have asked for a better editing job. I am working on it this morning and will be for some days to come. I must revise the ending, add chapter titles, and make quite a few changes. You made some excellent pickups, and the project will prosper because of your fine efforts. Very pleased! George
Lebanon, USA
Professionalism, cost, guarantee, and speed of turnaround.
Studio City, USA
I really like the work Dr. Vonda has done for me. She gave me 100% of what I wanted for my manuscript. Everything was perfect, the editing and the deadline. She also gave me a review that I was very grateful for, so thank you Dr. Vonda.
London, United Kingdom
Free sample helped me differentiate First Editing from other options. It was important. Great first impression. The professional editing was not only necessary but done with such expertise. I will return for my next book to First Editing and ask for Lee Ann to edit for me. I found the prices very competitive. It was the sample editing that made the difference for me.
Skaneateles, USA
Precise editing comments
Columbia, USA
Price was competitive and the editor I worked with was familiar with the Dark Fantasy genre and was able to provide insightful comments.
Port Murray, USA
I liked the professionalism.
East Meadow, USA
FirstEditing has edited several of my projects and I have been very satisfied with the quality of editing as well as responses to any of my questions in regards to cost, timelines, and so on. My overall experience with them has been great and I highly recommend them for any type of editing work. I give them a 5-star rating.
Milton, Canada
Efficient processing. I was in a hurry. I should have asked for content editing on "The Numbers Man" and on "What happened To Flynn."
Carlsbad, USA
Professionalism, speed of project completion, personal communications from the editor, price.
Studio City, USA
I received my finished, edited manuscript a day earlier than scheduled and I'm extremely pleased. I am a newbie self-publishing author, and this is a non-fiction 385 page book about alternative medicine, energy-work and self-healing. I spent fifteen years compiling notes and creating this manuscript with some one hundred-twenty revisions. I was a bit apprehensive to say the least about letting it go for copy-editing. Every staff member I encountered along the way was very prompt to respond and answer my questions, very helpful, and a joy to work with. Having Jefferson as my copy-editor for this project was a dream come true for me. Not only does he have an interest and understanding of my genre, (healing arts and energy work) but he also had a genuine interest in making sure my message was clear, concise and proper. The transformation that my manuscript went through by the wordsmithing of a true craftsman absolutely left me spellbound. I could not believe how beautifully the words flowed and the main focus was only emphasized all the more. I hired FirstEditing because their price and turnaround time seemed very reasonable. But really, I was sold on the free sample edit. It was the forward to my book, and they did a fantastic job on it! The editing that was done gave me a whole new perspective on my message in the book. As an author, you loose sight of how important your work is, simply because you have looked at it daily for months to years. Reading my manuscript after the copy-editing opened my eyes to my own message as if I had never heard those words before. This was a revelation and an ah-ha moment for me. I realized by the end of the read that my work was reflective of my passion and vision. Cathryn, (my contributing author for my first book) and I have at present 5 more books in the wings to be written. FirstEditing, and namely Jefferson, will be on top of my list of contacts when they come around this spring and summer. I think so much of Jefferson's work that I felt moved to include him in the acknowledgements of this book. Thank you all so much. I never thought that I could be overjoyed at having 10,044 edits to look review and accept. By the way, this was all done in one shot. There was nothing to reject, change or add to. Job Well Done! Tony Damian
deltona, USA
Nice work done on time, and according to instructions!
Salt Lake City, USA
Everything about First Editing is amazing. The Editors themselves can been seen as highly professionals in the English Language area.
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Professionalism: The editing was very thorough.
Brookfield, USA
Professionalism and care to details
Alice Faye
Pearson, USA
Personal touch and very useful comments and suggestions. Easy-to-follow style of the review with explanations of why mistakes were corrected and suggestions made. I gained a polished ready-to-publish book from the proofreading.
Morton Grove, USA
FirstEditing has edited my first three books in the series Invasion of the Ortaks. Book 1 the Knight, book 2 the Defeat, and book 3 Rebellion. They have done a great job, and I like working with them.
Hjørring, Denmark
You did all that you promised at a reasonable price. Special praise for Lori who went above and beyond. Hang on to her.
West Bloomfield, USA
deadlines, guarantees, communications
Ringwood North, Australia
I like the quality and the comment from Jefferson.
I reviewed tons of editing websites and this one was the best priced for what you get. They also did a sample that was sent back to me within 24 hours. I received my book in less than the time they said it would take. I loved the editors comments. Its nice to hear what people think about my book.
Charleston, USA
I was quite impressed with customer's service specifically the friendliness and willingness to help me through the process. Once I understood how to send the document through, I became even more pleased with the results. It was absolutely perfect. Dr. Alston
Philadelphia, USA
Pleasant interaction.
Fort Walton Beach, USA
Hi Vonda, I am so glad you liked it! I would love to work with you on my next novel as well. Wont be ready until February but I'll keep you posted.
San Juan, USA
My editor, Vonda, did an outstanding job of copy editing, changing grammar use, and correcting punctuation and spelling!! I hired FirstEditing because their service was priced right and I had the ability to submit a polished manuscript to the publisher.
Leland, USA
Great and friendly service. Affordable prices.
palm bay, USA
I appreciated the professionalism and quick turnaround
Oak Bluffs,, USA
Work product was outstanding.
Baltimore, USA
I liked the quality of work and working one-on-one with the editor.
Washington, USA
I was impressed with the whole process of services provided. I especially like the level of professionalism and relationships developed.
Grand Prairie, USA
I like that FirstEditing delivers my finished manuscript when they say they will. I also like the feedback that my editor, Jefferson, provides.
Clarkston, USA
The initial free sample was good, and I find the editor really down-to-earth and easy to work with. The quick service is also great.
Leicestershire, United Kingdom
My faith in your honesty. There are far two many scams on the internet.
The free sample proved to me that they really looked at my novel before quoting. The cost compared to other services was very competitive, but what sold me was the very fast turnaround time they took to provide the sample review and quote.
Congers, USA
I most enjoyed how the representatives at FirstEditing returned my e-mails so quickly. When they began editing my book they told me when it would be fully edited and the name of the person doing the job. I had asked for someone with knowledge of the region I was writing about and they were more then happy to oblige the request. Lee Ann did a wonderful job. I also had contact with the editor to make sure we were on the same page when it came to the plot line and other aspects of my novel. It was a pleasure working with everyone there and the results far exceeded my expectations. I'm planning on using firstediting when I write my next book, without question.
Allentown, USA
Affordable cost and quick turnaround!
Bow, USA
My editor, Allison, did a good job of line editing the manuscript for clarity and smoother flow. She provided tons of feedback and suggested additions to strengthen the story. She also pointed out several things that might be confusing to readers that I was able to rewrite. The edit was completed in a timely manner. Overall I'm happy with the service provided.
Kenosha, USA
Sharp editing of difficult material.
Gearhart, USA
Thank for your prompt and professional work!
Milwaukjee, USA
I really appreciated that my copy editor, Vonda, respected my individual writing style and tried to improve it continuing my concept without altering or changing it at all. The service was fast, accurate, and to-the-point. I will definitely use FirstEditing in my second book!
patra, Greece
The free sample was great to see if this was the right company for me to work with.
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates
I appreciated everything about the process. However, if I had to pick a couple of things, I would choose professionalism and costs/prices.
Odenton, USA
Jefferson did a great job. Thank you.
Chicago, USA
Most of all I liked your fast and efficient service at an affordable cost. I enjoyed the personal communication with you, your honesty, your encouragement and your feedback.
Folkestone, United Kingdom
I loved to work with Lee Ann, my assigned editor, on a chapter to chapter basis, because she helped to shape my writing project into a fast pace story. So, keep up the good work!
Amsterdam, Netherlands
I like everything that's offered.
Lynbrook, USA
Professional and timely service at a reasonable price. I also appreciate the feature that provides editing for a variety of submissions with low and high word counts.
Naples, USA
Personal communications was great, even over a weekend.
Alan E.
Gas City, USA
For simple copy editing, it was exactly what I was looking for, and I got my project back within the quoted time.
Lexington, USA
I have had Joanne edit my manuscript in the process of three times now and I feel she is very thorough, communicates well, and she makes me feel secure in my writing.I have been working with her since February of 2012 and will continue to work with her hopefully in the future either on this manuscript, or another one.I am almost done with the editing and look forward to finishing up with post editing work with Joanne. The book below was published back in 2004; I did not have it edited through first editing but thought I would let you know about it anyway. As it was my first attempt, and I did not know about first editing, and the current book I am working on with Joanne is a totally different genre and much more difficult, I turned to first editing because I needed some professional editing. Thanks!
Jefferson, I really appreciate your note back to me with the kind words. I think authors are always self-critical, and hearing a positive review from a source that isn't obligated to provide a review, positive or negative, is rewarding. Thank-you. Also, thank-you for helping to make my writing more consistent and readable. Sincerely, Eric
Redding, USA
I like it that I didn't have to send in all my manuscript to be edited, but little by little I send it in to you guys, plus paying for the editing to be done little by little. Such thing save me money, plus give me enough time to come up with the next money for the next editing job.
Atlanta, USA
The personal touch of the editor, and it's nice to know that my current editor is from Boston, because that's the city I love to write about 🙂
Amsterdam, Netherlands
What I liked most was the free sample FirstEditing offered so that I could see exactly what they could do, which was a major selling point for me. Not a lot of editing companies do this. My editor, Vonda, was also very personable and met her projected deadline when it came to finishing the edit of my novel and I felt that the price was reasonable, considering some of the other quotes I had received from other companies.
Portsmouth, USA
I liked that Lee Ann was honest with me in her comments about my work and made great suggestions. I liked that she was very informative on why she was changing certain sentences. I also appreciate that permanent changes weren't made until after I approved of them.
Las Vegas, USA
The primary benefit of editing was achieving consistency in grammar and punctuation style. I also appreciated the professionalism of my editor, Lee Ann. Her personality shown through. Also, work was completed on time as scheduled.
Richland, USA
What I liked best about the editing service was the professionalism they displayed by the editorial changes they suggested. These were to-the-point and I feel they resulted in a much more readable manuscript.
Vancouver, USA
I thought FirstEditing was terrific in every way imaginable. I really enjoyed the quick response with the Chat Now feature on your site along with the professionalism that was displayed on every level. The price was cost effective for my budget. I have and will continue to recommend your services to anyone in need of professional editing.
Baxter, USA
Fast, accurate work and an excellent value! I got a lot of helpful feedback and even compliments. While my work didn't require much editing, I had the assurance of having a professional edit at a great value.
Sunrise, USA
Free sample and your professionalism.
Torre Pacheco, Spain
Free sample was nice, decent quality end product.
Brookings, USA
Marc Antoine
North Lauderdale, USA
I am always extremely impressed with my editor's attention to detail.
Gearhart, USA
Dr. Michael did a fabulous job editing for me. The kindness and professionalism is great. I actually feel as though the person editing my manuscript cares about what I wrote. I love the feedback and will be continuing with the services.
Littleton, USA
I was impressed with the quality of the editing.
MCA (Streeterville), USA
The free sample was really useful. The way the document is arranged to look over mistakes was useful and I liked some of the comments on what was written by the editor - showed the personality of the person looking over my work. I also liked how some of the grammar that was corrected came with an explanation as to why from the editor. Being able to choose when you submit your work whether you want American or British spelling was also useful.
Leicestershire, United Kingdom
This was the second manuscript I had edited by and I was very pleased with the results. Jefferson, the editor of my project, offered a great deal of positive feedback along with some constructive criticism that I was able to use to improve my work. Whenever I have contacted, I have received fast and friendly service. I especially like their online chat option, for obtaining quick answers to my questions. I will definitely use for my future book projects!
Clarkston, USA
I see my primary editor, Max, as a bridge builder for written ideas and thoughts; fostering proper communication channels that yield the intended results between the authors and a targeted community of readers. My research work has been given the needed impetus for academic precision which was earlier lacking before the submission. Max has wondrous ways of merging written thoughts with ideas and communication. In addition to this, their pricing is very affordable yielding in-depth perspective and insight presentation despite the costs attached. I would gladly and always seek their services in my future endeavour.
Jos, Nigeria
Michael made changes that didn't compromise my writing style but streamlined the flow of my ideas. I hired FirstEditing because they offered a free sample so there was no guess work regarding my personal editor's abilities.
Toronto, Canada
I am really happy with Dr. Natasha's work. I know it was difficult to edit my text but it is absolutely perfect. Thanks JM
Copenhagen, Denmark
This is my second time utilizing Overall the editing service has been great. Dr. Michael was very thorough and looks at the most minute things that one may miss. This will produce great quality reviews. An addition to Dr. Michael the entire staff is very professional, helpful, answered all my questions and responded in a timely manner. I was happy and satisfied with the services provided the first time to produce a book that everyone will enjoy reading as much as I loved writing it I'm looking forward to the same experience like my first book.
West Covina, USA
My editor, Lee Ann, seemed to be engaged with my story, leaving comments along the way. FirstEditing is quick, efficient and dependable. I also like that they are always available. My latest book, The Red Canoe, is currently selling on Amazon and via my personal website and doing well.
Connelly Springs, USA
My book was edited by Jefferson. Being my first book I of course agonized on what and who to trust with my work. I needn't of worried he and FirstEditing put me at my ease with a quick excellent professional service. Communication is the key, any questions I had were promptly answered. The guaranteed delivery given of 10 to 14 calendar days was cut to about 8 days with good suggestions and advice. The editing experience proved fantastic and with the cost being very reasonable for the 62,750 words of my book, Mirror Mirror Reflections of Fate, I will definitely be returning to FirstEditing and Jefferson to edit the next in the trilogy currently being written.
Plymouth, United Kingdom
What I liked the most about the editing services I received is that it was quick and professional. I chose your services based off the quality of the free sample, the personal communication, and the cost. I gained another set of eyes to see errors I could no longer see myself as well as punctuation I am not as familiar using. This was quite valuable as my novel was edited by another service before I sent it to you and, based off the many spelling and punctuation errors Vonda found in my novel, apparently my first editing service wasn't as focused as I had thought. As for a success story, only time will tell. I am still an aspiring author.
Pleasant Hill, USA
Simply the best!
Washington, USA
Lee Ann was professional, yet personalized the experience with notes in the margin. I loved that. Your fees and turnaround time were competitive. I was especially concerned to have editorial services for the bibliography.
Los Angeles, USA
It's like love-at-first-sight when I glanced through FirstEditing's website. I knew right then they would edit my book and my other books to come. Thanks for marvelous job at a reasonable price.
south holland, USA
I requested Lee Ann because I loved the way she worked on my previous books. I was not disappointed. I really loved working with her on this book and look forward to sending my next book to her. This book so be ready to publish in a few weeks.
Chelsea, USA
Dr. Natasha has done a perfect job. Thanks
Hvidovre, Denmark
My editor, Lee Ann, who worked with me was extremely professional, in-depth, always on time with the suggested corrections, and gave great feedback. Whether that feedback came through a knowledgeable critique or a witty light-hearted joke/pun, that feedback definitely gave me much needed confidence. -I acquired the services of FirstEditing simply out of curiosity, to test and determine how good the service really is. What I discovered was an editing source that I can go back to without question. FirstEditing should be on the top of your list if you want a reliable, friendly, proficient editing source. -Grammar has always been a pretty challenging factor for me, as I'm sure many others, while writing. Especially, when a story runs through your head like a freight train it's hard to keep up with those little grammatical details. FirstEditing cleans that up in a timely manner with respect to the story. -As an independent author FirstEditing has helped me tenfold in terms of me sharing my writing artistry and taking myself seriously as a budding contemporary author and poet. Also, I can't say it enough, this process has given me much needed confidence to venture out into this industry, which can be very subjective and harsh at times as I'm sure you know.
Jersey City, USA
What I like about having a professional editor review my story was that Michael, my editor, made it greater. The communication was so awesome and the price was reasonable. What I achieved was quality and professionalism and now I am ready for publishing. I would truly use them again and again. I am very happy. Thank you for your help and outstanding services. Martha Perez
West Covina, USA
Luke Walker is a horror screenplay writer from Bristol, England, who wrote short film 'Paralysis' 2015, and was a semi finalist at Shriekfest 2014 with feature script 'The Corn Wall' which is also planned to go into production in 2016. After watching his first horror movie at the tender age of nine, occasionally peeking over the blanket at the terrors on the screen, he became enthralled by the genre, and some of it's most famous antagonists, such as the Prince of Darkness, Count Dracula. Luke is also currently working on a super short horror film 'Rose', new feature script 'Glow in the Dark', and a adaptation of a novel.
Bristol, United Kingdom
Thank you very much for putting the time and effort into making my novel its very best. While it took me a while to acquire a good editing company, I finally chose FirstEditing as my preferred choice. Your timely deadline and first-rate communication during the process made me confident that I made the right choice. I am happy to report the sales of my book are up and I look forward to working with your staff in the near future.
Milford, USA
Brilliant, quick service! Quick contact if there are any problems. I've used FirstEditing more than once and have never been let down.
Worcestershire, United Kingdom
My personal editor, Lee Ann, was both professional and efficient with time management. She was also very motivating with her comments which drove me to continuously improve my work. I hired FirstEditing because of its affordability and professionalism. My biggest challenge before working with FirstEditing was the grammar. After their prompt services, my work was enhanced and reader-friendly. And now, I have published my book on Amazon. Thumbs Up to Lee Ann!
Maseru, Lesotho
I wish I had sent my book to FirstEditing before I sent it on to agents, it would have saved me some grief! FirstEditing polished my work, found grammar errors, gave me insight to my plot, and helped turn my story into something wonderful!
concord, USA
I absolutely love FirstEditing's service and I plan to use it in the future for my next book. My favorite thing about FirstEditing is not only the great affordable rate but also my editor, Lee Ann. I felt like she really took her time and gave me personal feedback that was very helpful to my book and future projects. She was honest, funny, and her opinions were genuine. The quality of her work changed the entire perspective of my book in the best way! Thank You Lee Ann and FirstEditing!
sunny isles beach, USA
Ive been working with FirstEditing for some time. They've edited many of my manuscripts. I like the process and also the corrections done through an electronic process, making it easier for the processing of my book. I hired them because of the electronic process and also the cost. I've recommended FirstEditing to many of my colleagues and do look forward to a continued relationship with FirstEditing.
Cranston, USA
My editor, Lee Ann, was absolutely amazing. I feel as if she was able to really connect to my work which helped the editing process. It's a good feeling when your editor understands the message you are trying to get across to your target audience. Back in 2014 when I was working on m first book, I did a lot of research on editors and I loved FirstEditing prices, reviews, and the sample editing that was done for me. After the editing of my first book I got a better understanding of what makes a book flow better (thanks Lee Ann) and I was able to apply it to my current book. I'm very thankful that I was able to successful publish both of my books which were edited by Lee Ann. I am a satisfied customer and will use Lee Ann for my next project.
Self-published and therefore in control of my own work and its content. FirstEditing has done a great job at an affordable price. I have been pleased with the results and found my editor, Lee Ann, to be both responsive and helpful. I am currently on my fourth editing project here with FirstEditing.
Georgetown, USA
The editing was very good. This was my first novel and there were numerous conventions that were unknown to me that the editor pointed out. The sample was provided quickly and directly responded to my concerns. The editing was completed quickly and on time. Best regards, Jack
Lawrenceville, USA
A positive attitude, approachable, and professional. The editing improved the draft, in particular verb tense inconsistency was corrected. The book is now published.
Hull, England
It was amazing to always get a reply/sample after a really short time whenever we contacted you - and the price was so low that we were actually unsure if we had ordered correctly in the beginning. Our project was completed in no time, after about 15 working days, and we think that's incredible. We hired you because of the low costs, the unbelievably short turnaround time and because we felt we were dealing with real people, despite using a website. Our project was probably a bit special, because we had originally been looking for a translation (from German to English). Since this would have been extremely expensive, we decided to translate the book ourselves and to have it edited afterwards. The first book in the series is up for sale as paperback and Kindle edition. It gets much more attention than we had expected, so we are really looking forward to publishing part two.
Aarhus V, Denmark
FirstEditing took my book to the next level. They were thorough, fast, and the price was right. Rowena R. Conrad Shadows of La Paz
66904, Germany
I needed help with writing a synopsis. The price for this project was reasonable and the service I received was excellent. I would definitely use FirstEditing again.
Warrenton, USA
I expanded the original version of my book and wanted a professional editor to tweak the issues I had with grammar. Vonda did a great job.
Shirley, USA
I found FirstEditing by accident by searching the internet. Their website seemed very user friendly and so I started a chat session with one of their customer service reps. I sent a sample of my book and received some very positive feedback in return, including some grammatical corrections! I then submitted my entire manuscript and received the edited copy within the specified time frame. My assigned editor, Jefferson, gave me some very useful tips about past/present tense and shifting perspectives from one character to another. I also learned more about the proper use of commas. The absolute best benefit I received from using FirstEditing, was gaining the confidence I needed to self-publish my book. My debut novel is now available as an eBook on Amazon and I'm in the process of writing my second book. I will definitely use FirstEditing again as it was a positive experience from start to finish.
Clarkston, USA
Good day FirstEditing staff, Yes, I received my fully edited document on time yesterday and I'm extremely pleased. Every staff member I encountered along the way was very prompt to answer my questions, very helpful, and a joy to work with. Having Jefferson as my copy-editor for this project was a dream come true for me. Not only does he have an interest and understanding of my genre, but he also had a genuine interest in making sure my message was clear, concise, and proper. Cathryn, my co-author and I, have at present five more books in the wings to be written. FirstEditing, and namely Jefferson, will be on top of my list of contacts when they come around this spring. I would like permission to mention you as my editor in my acknowledgements, and please advise me as to company policy of naming Jefferson within that acknowledgement. Thank you all so much. M any blessings TONY D
deltona, USA
We are pleased with you editor's corrections, additions and changes. This is a young adult novel that we hope to sell to a publisher. If we do we'll let you know:)
North Vancouver, Canada
I enjoyed working with my editor. I was a first time author and she was very helpful. The sample edit was great and gave me an idea of what to expect. I was able to publish my first book with the skills of the editor.
Converse, USA
I had some people on Fiverr proof read parts of my book over the years of writing it. I also had a friend proofread parts of it over the several years it took to write it. But I felt I really needed someone to really do a good job reviewing the entire work. FirstEditing caught some errors and made a few good suggestions on sentence structure. I'm very happy with the results.
Lakewood, USA
Lee-Ann was my editor. Very professional and corrections and critiques were right on point with my expectations. I felt comforted by how much my work was enjoyed through out the book with comments. I hired First Editing because I had the highest level of trust from all my personal research. I gained a very polished finished product. So far I am reaping the rewards of my descision. I was featured in the Ithaca Journal in print and digital versions, next month my book will be featured in Publishing Weekly and professionally reviewed by Readers Favorite at 4/5 Stars, which is an honor. Fans have rated my book 5 Stars across each review, and my book is up for Awards with Readers Favorite Book Awards And Reviews, Indie Reader Discovery Awards, and Beverly Hills Book Awards. I have high hopes for all genres. I am accepting sales from all over the world now. I am very excited about what the future holds for all my work. First Editing will be my partners through out my career.
Locke, USA
What I liked most was the professional editing services is it was done in a timely manner. The free sample quality, professionalism, prices, deadline, and guarantee was an absolute factor in our decision to obtain the services of FirstEditing.
I was recommended to you by BookBaby. After seeing your free sample edit, I was sold. Allison has helped with the flow of my story. I felt that after checking out her recommendations my book was improved. It was the same book, but it flowed better. I will be coming back to when I have my next book ready.
Irmo, USA
It was great and the service was friendly!
Shavertown, USA
FirstEditing and my editor, Vonda, did a wonderful job editing my book. I felt like they gave me my moneys' worth by finding and correcting my grammatical mistakes, overall improving the quality of my book. They were very fast and professional and turned my 10,000 word ebook around in 2 days.
O\'fallon, USA
My editor, Lee Ann, is simply the best! I will be sending her the second book for editing soon! The pricing is very reasonable, guaranteed satisfaction, and the turnaround time is outstanding!
Washington, USA
I had contacted the publishing company, BookBaby, regarding the publication of my book. Their consultant advised me to get my book edited by any professional editing service and he sent me a link where I found FirstEditing. I chose you guys because I had read some good review about your company somewhere on the net. And am I glad I chose you! My personal editor, Lee Ann, has done an excellent job editing my book Echoes From the Shores of the Arabian Sea. When I completed my book I was confident that my book needed no professional editing. Me and my ego! Once I received the edited copy of the book I realized that I made the right decision by submitting my work to you guys at I was told by your customer relations department that the editing job would be completed within a week. To my delight I received the edited copy one day earlier than the promised date. My editor has done an awesome job, going through every word and adding punctuation marks at the right places, providing a better word wherever needed and most of all, giving me her personal opinion about my work, and all these, without changing my style of writing! I was not aware that editing companies took such pains to improve the manuscripts. Lee Ann has done an amazing job. Congratulations for being the experts in the field. I will surely recommend you guys to my friends and relatives.
Saskatoon, Canada
My editor, Vonda, did a fantastic job again. Every time I've used your service it has helped make my book and my writing better.
M. E.
Bowling Green, USA
I've been fortunate to work with the same editor on multiple projects, and have come to enjoy both her thoroughness and appreciation for writing. It's always reassuring when someone gets into the story, rather than merely pointing out necessary revisions. In working with my editor, I feel I've gained a trusted "second set" of eyes. The professionalism and expertise of First Editing has allowed me to publish with the knowledge that a skilled editor has helped to fine tune the best possible story for my audience.
Livingston, USA
My editor, Michael, did a wonderful job on my project. His editing surpassed my expectations. All of his suggestions were clear and precise. I accepted every change he advised. I am so glad that I chose FirstEditing to assist me with my novel, Ten Days of Fall. I will be using them in the near future and I recommend FirstEditing to any author out there looking for a reliable and professional editing service.
Freeport, Bahamas
Brilliant, outstanding editing work on a very tough and difficult manuscript. My editor put in the additional time that was essential for the best results achievable. I was quite impressed at the effort that went into the editing of this manuscript !!!
Gearhart, USA
Thank you FirstEditing for your professional and timely services. I am truly impressed with Lee Ann’s editing work and dedication to make my book, Hello, Marvelous You, a success.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
All your responses were prompt and professional. You did a free edit trial for me on this same title, which helped guide me forward. Your follow up afterward was curtious and timely. I am self-publishing this title. Readers are coming back with amazing stories about the impact of this book on their lives and faith. A major publisher is reviewing to possibly take this title further..
Corvallis, USA
The editor was good at proofreading and finding any final mistakes that might have appeared in my book. I hired because I have used this service a few times before and have always been happy with the results. It is definitely a professional service to use! What did I gain? A finished and polished product!!!
G, Australia
I love and everything they do for me.
elgin, USA
I loved my editor. The whole staff at has always been perfect with me.
elgin, USA has gone over and above what I've asked them to do every time. I've never had an issue with them and that includes all five books that I've written with them.
elgin, USA
Lee Ann did an excellent technical edit on my manuscript. She understood the youthful narrative and only edited that which was technically incorrect. Thank you for all the corrections. I hired FirstEditing because of the quality of the sample edit and speed of response. My publisher took 1 week to provide a sample edit; you only took 4 hours! The publisher's edit was amateur in comparison to what you had provided. That gave me a lot of confidence that it would be done well and done on time. I achieved a much cleaner copy of my manuscript; which was the goal. Even though the book had many readers and revisions before your edit, Lee Ann found many corrections that needed to be made to make it a professional manuscript ready for submittal. Your edit helped me make the decision to go fully indie with publication and bring the book to market 2 months early. It is now published, available for order on Amazon. NOTE: I tried to upload a photo of the book's cover, but it did not work. Also, the form would not take my website where the book is promoted:
Greenfield, USA
Thank you so very much! I am doing somersaults! I will tell ALL of my friends and WILL be using you again. Renee
Louisburg, USA
Lee Ann was great. Her corrections were spot on. Many of them seemed geared toward my writing style, as if she understood what I was going for and corrected me when I went astray. The book is better because of the work she did, and not just because of better spelling and grammar. The service she provided was indispensable. Many of Lee Ann's comments regarding the content of the novel were also very encouraging. I appreciated that a lot, because she is the first person to read this final draft in completion. I hired FirstEditing because of the quality and quick turnaround of the sample. I also appreciated the deadline guarantee and the pricing structure. My specific challenge was not getting laughed out of the building for having a manuscript so riddled with embarrassing errors. Now the book can stand on its own merit, since readers won't be distracted by my embarrassing spelling and grammar.
Combined Locks, USA
I am trying to find words better than “superb and magnificent” to describe Vonda’s editing. It is people like Vonda that customers will keep on seeking your service again and again.
38 Tai kok Tsui Road, Hong Kong
My editor, Joanne, was very prompt in getting my document back to me in the prescribed time. All the changes were clear and made the flow of my manuscript more powerful. I have used FirstEditing for all my editing services and will continue to use it!
I like the way my personal editor improved the article's flow. I like the attention to detail of the team at first and the way the final product appears. I selected because of the confidence I have with the edits, as well as the rates. As a result, my articles have received very positive reviews from clients.
toronto, Canada
Thank you for the awesome and professional copy editing service rendered by Ms Vonda. After reading through my book, I felt a sense of continuation. In the past, I would have stopped and felt a drag to continue reading my own writing. I thought if I can't even finish reading my book, how would I convince my potential readers to get started reading it? It is a total relief, fantastic and joyful to have Vonda's edition. I am truly impressed with Vonda, taking full ownership of putting her soul into the book. I could sense her mind and soul wanting to make this book alive. Thank you once again Kathy for being very flexible to my initial transaction with you.
#12-110, Singapore
I have never used an editor before and was not sure what I would get. However, I have been very pleasantly surprised. I am hoping to write another book in the next few years and when it is completed I will certainly look to making use of your services. I think I got your details from Your free sample gave me confidence that you would do a good job. It was only when I got the completed job (which I have reviewed ) that I was able to appreciate the full value of a well edited document. Regards, Brian
Johannesburg., South Africa
I liked the fact that I do not have to worry about punctuation and that there is a service that can help me. I hired you because I am horrible with punctuation. And the price is good.
The way Lee Ann got involved in the story and helped correct not only spelling and grammar but also details that we missed. Her ability to spot small details that were not correct or not clear really helped make our manuscript much better.
Chelsea, USA
My editor, Lee Ann, and editing consultant Kathy, were fantastic throughout the process. My book, Ashmedai, is Book 1 of Eden's Guardians series and I received a well edited work in record time without any pain. The book is now live on Amazon. I sent out free copies and got minimum 4 out of 5 rating in 19 out of 20 people and 2 of them have asked for details of FirstEditing. I am finalizing book 2 to submit for editing and you can be sure I will use your service again. Thank you very much. I am so glad I used your service. Money well spent!
Ogba, Nigeria
I had been looking for an editor for my books for years before I found Their sample edit was high quality and was returned within a reasonable time-frame, and their prices were reasonable. (They were made even more so with their rotating discounts.) Once I signed on for their service, the work was done thoroughly and on time. I highly recommend to any and all authors.
Westlock, Canada
I have used your service many times for this same manuscript. Each time I am impressed with the final product. I will be publishing this book in June 2014. Great job with wording and flow.
Joanne did very thorough job getting all my typos corrected.
cahokia, USA
We needed an editor and I saw the add on I found the service accurate very helpful and fast. I use FirstEditing for everything now.
new york, USA
The editor who worked on my project was remarkably thorough. Not only did she explain her reasons behind corrections, but she also took the time to cite sources explaining her reasons in greater detail. She struck me as someone who is a book lover, and not just someone who's reviewing words on a page. I truly appreciated her professionalism and would gladly work with her, and FirstEditing, on future projects.
Livingston, USA
The service is fast and easy. I can always count on affordable and reliable editors. Your service is fast.
Irving, USA
The editing services were swift, polite and professional and came back within the timescale. The editing notes were clear and precise. The editing work greatly improved my work and I would certainly use them again. I used them to edit a book which I will try and get published on Amazon soon!
Didcot, United Kingdom
Why I hired FirstEditing: - I liked the detailed analysis of the text and editor's valuable remarks. - Professionalism is the main thing that I am interested in. - I gained an independent look from a native English speaker at my translated English text - I am publishing the book that represents not typical look at the Russian history of the twentieth century
Eden Prairie, USA
I've made great changes to my screen play. It is now advancing quickly. I have been working alone so to have another opinion helped greatly. This is a very fast project that needed very quick help as we go to filming in less then 30 days.
Kettering, USA
I loved how promptly and professional the company was. In addition, the company had very competitive pricing and I also really enjoyed my editors notes on the sample she have me. My book is now published on amazon!
Sherman Oaks, USA
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