King Me Part II: The Infamous Back Draft Gang

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A short introduction

America is in great turmoil while the Back Draft Gang rises with inadmissible power. The Secretary of Defense has no choice but to call on a secret agency unit. A particular group with no boundaries whatsoever, this special enforcement unit is no other than the Government. The Government consists of many unorthodox personnel.

Some of whom have been injured from pass military combat. However, members of the Government agency unit do not succumb to disability but fight everyday for their country. King and leader of the Government, John Kingston goes face to face with the intolerable force of the Back Draft Gang. John also has trouble with a distinguish colleague, keeping the death of Garry Robbins a mystery from his followers.

He also coupe with the death of his family all the while founder of the Back Draft Gang Shawn Polk seeks revenge from his father death. Shawn takes all his frustration out on America while tracking down the Government to destroy them. Seven years have passed as the Back Draft Gang raids state to state and coast to coast.

Author: Eric

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