Bible in a Year: Mission Possible

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There were two main reasons why I chose FirstEditing. First, I received sample edits from another source, but the editor from FirstEditing seemed to enhance my writing style as opposed to trying to change it. Second, the price was significantly better than other services that I researched. Better service at a better price was an easy decision to make!

My book, Bible in a Year: Mission Possible, was published by Xulon Press shortly after the editing was complete. It is available on their website (xulonpress.com/bookstore/bookdetail.php?PB_ISBN=9781498446068), on amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, etc.

A short introduction

Bible-in-a-Year: Mission Possible is a faith-building read examining verses--from Genesis to Revelation--useful to stimulate discussion. This study guide utilizes Billy Gardner's vast biblical knowledge as Gardner shares his inspiring spiritual evolution.

His biblical interpretations of themes and events reflect his connection to Christ and attentiveness to God. He enables you to explore how you can conduct small group meetings and motivate your groups to study the Bible, incorporating the scriptures in every aspect of your daily practice. Gardner prompts you to hone in on valuable verses as you practice your commitment.

Bible-in-a-Year: Mission Possible is a straightforward and practical study guide examining the nature of the Bible as Gardner helps the reader analyze the Old and New Testament in today's time; the nature of sin and the sinner; the story of Moses and God's impact on his parting of the sea; examining blasphemy and other questions. This book is ideal for all age groups, and those who find him or herself too busy to make time to enhance their spiritual depth, but yearn to increase his or her knowledge.

Author: Billy

Near the end of 2007, I started a new adventure. I was a small group leader at the church I was attending and I wanted to do something more meaningful than studying someone else's interpretation of particular scriptures. I wanted to go straight to the source, the Bible, and discuss with the group what we believe and why. I also wanted to challenge the group to complete the enormous mission of reading through the entire Bible in a year. I searched for material to guide us through the process, but I could not find any suitable for what I wanted to accomplish. There were a multitude of reading schedules, but nothing to serve as a study guide. So, I determined to create my own study guide!

Many of the folks who were in that first small group had previously unsuccessfully attempted to read through the Bible in a year. At the end of the year, the majority of the class, including ones who had not previously attempted the endeavor, were successful using this small group approach. Additionally, the group grew throughout the year as we added several members. And, the feedback I received about the weekly discussions was very positive.

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