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Chiturkins is a rhythmic children's story about a special little chick that is hatched out in the country on a farm. When he emerges and is introduced into the flock, no one notices how different he is until he begins to speak"”and what he has to say is so surprising. Read along to see the "Chiturkin" grow and find out how a new legend is born ...


DAISY M. BROWN, entrepreneur, author and poet, lives in Northern California where she is a mother of two and grandmother of five. She is an avid animal lover who has worked as a licensed professional race horse groom, a ranch hand, and as an egg sorter in her younger days. These and many more experiences in life have fueled her creativity to become a children's book author in 2015. Chiturkins, her third book, makes a perfect addition to her first, How to Teach a Frog to Sing and her second, Grown up Food? She is proud of her accomplishments and is happy to share them with you in hopes that young and old continue to enjoy these, and all of her future books to come.

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