No Is Not An Answer!

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Author’s review

We were very impressed with the professionalism of your service. Also, after soliciting bids from a variety of providers, your cost was the lowest.

The quality of the work was the best I have seen as a book publisher for more than 15 years. My client and I could not find a single edit that we did not agree with!!

Thank you for a job well-done. I will be using your services in the future.

A short introduction

No Is Not An Answer is a collection of vignette episodes drawn from the undeterred life of Marilyn Pollans. A strong-willed advocate for women's advancement, Marilyn's reflections about growing up on New York's Lower East Side will charm and fascinate you.

Author: Peter

Marilyn Berman Pollans is the former Associate Dean at the University of Maryland School of Engineering. She is a pioneer in bringing women into the field of engineering.

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