Marry Me: How You Make Love to Me

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A short introduction

Marry Me: How You Make Love to Me is a book about relationship, marriage, and how you can apply the simple code of how marriage works, using the workability of sex.

If sex between two people is possible, then marriage between them is possible if they can take a cue from the various processes that lead to lovemaking.

Just as there is a solution for everything, there is one for marriage.

Author: Paul

P. A. Owala is the Author of the books: White Man's Footprint, Marry Me: How You Make Love to Me and I Know Why You Broke up with Your Spouse. He worked as a Piping Engineer for an EPC company in Nigeria for a few years and then relocated to Germany for his MSc. in Metallurgical Engineering, and had his major in Materials Science of Steel. He takes delight in his spare time at home, nurturing his hobby as a writer.

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