A Confusion of Bears

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Author’s review

I found FirstEditing through BookBaby for my first novel, Carla's Song. The process and price led me back for A Confusion of Bears. I have worked with FirstEditing on both books and have learned much about editing and writing.

A short introduction

Jud Phoenix prepares to leave his fishing cabin to go to the nearby Conundrum Resort, where his girlfriend, Dr. Victoria Scott is attending a summer medical conference. From this bucolic and happy beginning, everything goes ultimately wrong. He has to shoot a bear at the resort and she suffers a personal attack which leads her to leave the resort without explanation. The bear is implicated in murder and Jud takes on the investigation of this whole incident. He finds himself personally in danger as he pursues his investigation, and must resolve a tangled web of crimes to get to a solution.

Author: T.C. McKeon

T.C. McKeon is is a retired lawyer living in Chicago. He was born in Montana and loves fly fishing along with writing. All of this becomes evident in his novels.

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