Perfect Second Serve: Secrets World-Class Players Don't Want You to Know

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Author’s review

I sincerely thanked Virginia, my editor, from the bottom of my heart for the extraordinary editing job she has done for my book. Without her, I wouldn't be able to publish my book and have it sold at Amazon book store right now. I don't know how the sales go, but that's besides the point. I'm very proud of my book. I feel it's a piece of treasure for those who know how to cherish it.

Although Virginia said she only brushed up on some of the grammar, punctuation, and rearranged the word order of some sentences, I knew she had done a great deal more than that. She puts herself in a reader's position. She read my book with mindfulness. Though admitted she's not a sports person, she could relate to the things I described in my book. That's when I knew she had read it with full intent. And that's key; that's the honesty, the dedication I need from an editor, the key ingredient that helped me transpire my thoughts to my readers, helping me getting my points across. And that's what made me feel I owed Virginia a hefty gratitude for the way she went above and beyond the ordinary duty just for me. Thank you Virginia.

A short introduction

As the name implies, this book is about unveiling the secrets behind a perfect second serve. Regardless of the level of play, recreational or professional, second serve is key to winning matches which translates to more fun and successes. Those that play tennis should know how important second serve is to the game of tennis. And that's exactly the theme of this book, detailing the very best techniques to give its readers the insights necessary to achieve that desirable second serve. Lots of times the ineffective serves are due to some simple causes. Identifying those causes is a whole secret unto itself, and that's what this book is all about, unveiling those very secrets to give its readers the most effective second serves they've always dreamed of.

Author: Richard

I'm a tennis player and coach; I'm also an engineer who loves mechanical physics. Therefore, I can relate to Newton's law of motions and understand the very basic laws of physics: center of gravity, the transfer and transformation of energy, round object rotation, spin, and curve. That's why in this book, I'll share with you not only from a tennis player/coach's experience, but also from a physicist's point of view.

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