Naomi and the Life of Ruth

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A short introduction

Naomi and her husband, Pastor Obadiah Johnson or Obie for short, had witnessed and experienced many things together--the Civil Rights Movement, being removed from the familiar surroundings of Atlanta to the strangeness of Henryville, In., prejudice, the birth of their only son, the growth of their church and ministry and financial difficulties. No matter what life issue challenged Naomi and Obie, they survived each and every challenge and their 40 year marriage was a testament that they were in it for the long haul. So the thought of facing life without her 40 year partner and with the uncertainty that she could face any new challenge by herself, Naomi begins to withdraw from those who love her the most. She never thought she would face life as a widow and again find herself childless. This does not happen to God's servants! Where was he anyway? He felt far.

An EF4 tornado kills her husband and son, Michael, and devastates the small town of Henryville. The numbing effect of hopeless throws Naomi into the throngs of depression. She is grieving the loss of both her husband and son. The only person who keeps Naomi going is her daughter-in-law Ruth. How she loves Ruth. She hangs on because she knows Ruth is grieving the loss of Michael too. The town is not equipped to bury Obie and Michael so the women decide to bury their husbands in Atlanta.

As Ruth travels with Naomi to her hometown, Naomi is forced to encounter her grief even though she doesn't want to. She would rather be mad at God. Ruth is the tool God uses to get Naomi to understand he never left and was right there all along.

Author: Marie

Marie A Lee

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