The Reluctant Whistleblower

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Author’s review

I needed standard editing services for my new crime novel, "The Reluctant Whistleblower" which is now available. My editor was very helpful. She offered positive feedback and constructive ideas about the big picture stuff, i.e., where certain chapters ran too long. Her knowledge was invaluable to me. This is my first novel so I wanted it to be just right. She encouraged me to go for it. I am very happy with the service FirstEditing provided.

A short introduction

Tiffany Faulkner is a smart, savvy woman on the fast track at a prestigious Wall Street firm-until she meets her future husband, Jeremy Stanton, an energy company CEO who quickly sweeps her off her feet, marries her, and introduces her to an affluent new life in Houston filled with social and philanthropic activities. Twelve years later, Tiffany unquestionably loves her life, but quietly wonders if her husband still loves her. Everything soon changes when a friend offhandedly suggests that Jeremy has been unfaithful.

Compelled to learn the truth, Tiffany hires a private investigator to look into her husband's activities. When he uncovers evidence of her husband's infidelity, Tiffany contemplates whether she should ignore his behavior and find fulfillment from her charity work. But when she decides to take a risk and look into Jeremy's hidden business ventures, Tiffany soon discovers the far-reaching impact of her powerful, driven husband who is known for relying on cruel and calculated methods to dispatch his adversaries. Tiffany is about to receive more than she ever bargained for as Jeremy's true character is revealed.

The Reluctant Whistleblower is a thrilling tale of good versus evil as a wealthy woman embarks on a determined quest to uncover her husband's corrupt behavior and expose his shadowy escapades to the world.

Author: Mitch

Mitch O'Brien is a graduate of Siena Heights University. He has worked in law enforcement for nearly twenty years. He lives in

North Texas with his two teenagers who, unfortunately, prefer devouring the contents of a refrigerator way more than books. The Reluctant Whistleblower is his first novel.

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