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I've now been through Virginia's edit on my novel, and just wanted to say thank you for such a fantastic job! Aside from correcting the inevitable typos and spotting many fine points of detail, I loved the fact that Virginia was so kind, thoughtful, and constructive in her comments, as well as her explanations for two or three of the more common changes. She's really left me with a positive feeling about the experience. Big, big thanks for your help. I will definitely be using FirstEditing again.

A short introduction

"˜All stories need a hero. Sadly, I'm no hero.'

Drinker, smoker, mild drug abuser: not yet forty, journalist Rob Stanford has already seen better days. Spurned by the woman he loves, can he salvage some self-respect by solving the murder of his best friend?

"˜A fast paced thriller which will leave you gasping for breath.'

"˜Trainspotting meets Get Carter: Never have cigarettes and alcohol tasted so good.'

Author: Andrew Laurie

Andrew Laurie

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