The Internet Is Broken: The BlackHat Way

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I liked that the editor actually read and cared about the book; so she was a reader as well.
The pricing and professionalism are very fair.
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A short introduction

The Internet is full of BlackHat people who want to benefit from you indirectly but leave you damaged silently. The BlackHat Way exposes some of their popular methods in a story form. Blacky Bolton, a curious young guy, embarks on a journey where he discovers what BlackHat means and uses some underground techniques to make a ton of money online in a way that is not known to most people.

Author: Freddy

Frederic Haddad is the COO & Managing Director of Coddict, a digital marketing agency specialized in high traffic websites. He grew up with the Internet and has been a heavy user for over 20 years.

He is very passionate and knowledgeable about everything related to the Internet and keeps discovering new things everyday. You can read his personal blog at:


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