Hidden City of Mystery

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Author’s review

I was recommended to you by BookBaby. After seeing your free sample edit, I was sold. Allison has helped with the flow of my story. I felt that after checking out her recommendations my book was improved. It was the same book, but it flowed better. I will be coming back to FirstEditing.com when I have my next book ready.

A short introduction

Meet James, Susan, and Jason, three friends in their late twenties. The trio has known each other since birth. They grew up participating in the same activities and in the same school classes. They are inseparable. So much so, their classmates call them the Three Musketeers.

As they explore a forbidden area, a provocative mystery near their town sets things into motion that will affect them and their surrounding community for years to come while the events of this mystery challenge the lifelong friendship of James, Susan, and Jason and change their lives forever. How will different people deal with the grief and guilt spawned from the loss caused by this ordeal? Torn apart by the atrocities that claim the lives of families and friends, this community bands together to find answers that take them beyond their borders, while unlikely leaders emerge from the chaos to unite the people. This is a story of mystery, loss, love, and a governmental cover up.

Author: Bobby

I have always loved mysteries and suspense. I grew up in an agricultural community and was always exploring caves or anything else I could find. I see a lot of myself in this book especially in the character of James. The people are real personalities I know. I become so involved in the writing I feel I am that particular person as I write about them.

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