Twisted Proposal

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A short introduction

Jail is the last place fifteen-year-old Addison Solomon expected to wind up when she ran away. Not that this is a big surprise; her life has been on a downward slide since her drug-addicted aunt died, leaving her alone and penniless.

When her long-lost father appears, whisking her away with him to his mansion and second family in sunny California, Addison soon discovers that her new wealthy relatives are not exactly people she should trust. It seems that "daddy" has special plans for her--all in the name of financial gain.

Thrown into a world of betrayal, corruption, and manipulation, Addison struggles to navigate a path to safety and a home of her own. But with her father's constant surveillance, it makes leaving quite a task.

Author: Micole

M.V. Miles works and lives in the Mid-west and enjoys reading, watching movies, and writing in her spare time. Her books are twisted in all the right ways. So give it a try if you like books that are far from the beaten track

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