Road Map To Destiny (your power to win)

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A short introduction

This book will give you a proper guide to reach what you are destined for. it's a guild that touches every step you are meant to take for you to overcome and achieve your dreams. it would make you understand some significant events that lead to your destiny, various steps involved to enable you to get to your destined position in life, how to overcome your challenges that are meant to strengthen you and necessary steps you need to take in order to overcome obstacles in life and succeed


Anyabolu Collins is a Nigerian, from the city of Onitsha, Anambra. Currently living in Poland and also a student. As a young fast rising author, he is working on a new book project that is yet to be released hopefully by the end of 2016 and also working hard on becoming an international motivational/inspirational speaker with the hope to inspire young people on the need to recognize the purpose for which they were created to become through their God-given talents.

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