Gods Got An APP For That

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Your editor was personable . I learned a few things. She edited and did not change my voice in the writing.
I picked your company because you gave a free sample of your work that satisfied me. You were having a sale which made for a price I could squeeze in at. It was a very important accomplishment for me personally. I did publish through create space so my book is now listed on amazon. Who knows what the future holds.

A short introduction

This began as a prophetic word for my church that God wanted us to upgrade our communication skills with Him. He gave me 12 APPs to address and told me to write the stories of what He has done in my life. Making a relationship with a lost girl and turning her into awoman who is a child of His heart.

Author: Doris

I was born in Syracuse New York January 1947. I am married and have 5 grown children. As of this date I have 6 grand children and one the way and one in planning mode.

Jesus finally apprehended my heart and soul in March of 1973. I don't think I have ever spent a day since without sensing a need to express His love somehow.

I have worked in the nursery, taught every age of Sunday school at some point. I was a high school youth group worker. We did several Mexico mission trips with them. I have spent time in prison ministry and juvenile detention and street ministry. I co-labored to start a women's recovery center for women with life controlling issues and became the director. As director I was privileged to speak at many places, churches, retreats as well as Women's aglow. I now enjoy working with a prophetic creative arts group at Destiny Christian Fellowship here in the Northwest. We are newly started and excited about the different ways God is leading us to reach people with His love and truth.

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